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Don’t think and Do


#1 Everyone says that we should do our work from our heart and say from our heart. But nobody explains how to say, do and feel from our heart.

#2 Why people need to work from their heart? Why can’t they work on their brain or using their brain? Why specifically heart? Why? Why? Why heart? Because the heart is the only part of the body which allow us to cross our limits using positive vibes. And according to a theory, “People who work with their heart not only work for themselves but for their dreams” and everyone in the world wants to fulfill their dreams.This is only possible if we keep on using our “HDM” ( HEART decisions MECHANISM).

#3 Everyone has an inner power. One of the inner power comes through our heart. This power is known as “HDM”. People will be like how can we use this mechanism in our day-to-day life? So this is trick by which each and every one can use this trick and get successful in fulfilling their dreams. So this trick exactly works when you: DON’T THINK MUCH AND DO THINGS! Yes, this is the trick. You would be thinking that he is making us a fool! But guys trust me this will help you out a lot.

#4 for example: when we were kids, we used to do things without thinking much. Like what is good what is bad. Nothing, we just used to try out new things. Like that if we use do things without thinking the result and not expecting the future you will surely get success on your feet.

#5 So guys, just do things what you love. Do things what u like. Do things what u decided for yourself, for your heart, for this world, and for your happiness. Don’t think and start doing you wanna do from now. Don’t wait for others; don’t wait for the time. But wait for the result. So good luck guys and keep calm!



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