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Attractive things in Pune

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Pune – The Queen of Deccan. The second largest city, well known for being the education hub, for having the flourishing environment for the corperate sector and a city has an amazing nightlife, Pune is a cosmopolitan that possesses every quality that the city of a developing country needs. But besides that, Pune also owns the glory of being the cultural capital of the Maharashtra. That makes it much more attractive than any other city. Pune maintains a perfect balance between Modernity and traditionalism.

The official language of Pune is still Marathi. Though English and Hindi are spoken. Here are some attractive things about Pune.

Ganesha Pooja

The love and devotion for Lord Ganesha is one of those most attractive things about Pune that touches heart especially during the time of Ganesha Pooja.









Cultural heritage

Pune besides being the fastest developing cities of India maintains the glory of its cultural heritage. The modernisation and urbanisation haven’t made Punerians loose their grips towards their roots.










The beauty of nature is something that just attracts souls. The pleasing weather and eye-soothing greenery is the cherry on the cake that adds up to the attractiveness of the Pune city. Pune is blessed by the mother nature with such a heavenly beauty of greenery that would steal your hearts. (Location: Andarban).













The most attractive thing that you’ll ever come across is the equality that the city promotes. The Nari Taxi Services is one of those examples. This cab service promotes women empowerment and teaches a lesson that everything a man can do a woman do it better by providing women chauffeurs. The city teaches not only to respect women but to respect humanity by providing opportunities to everyone.


Written By: Vishal Khare

Image Source : Google Images


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