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A Perfect Teacher’s Day Gift


Teaching is a work of HEART.

Teacher’s day is a celebration of the importance of a Mentor. This celebration day varies from country to country. In India it is celebrated on 5th of September since 1962, as it is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, an academic philosopher and India’s second President.



Every child is the future of their nation and teacher helps mould and development a student’s life positively. Teacher enlightens their students and shapes their future. Teachers have a great influence on children as they inspire them and at the young age of children teachers are their hero.



On Teacher’s Day, various cultural programmes are organised in schools. Senior students dress up like teachers and take up their place and give lectures to the small kids. This way the students get to experience how the teachers do it every day. Feast are also organised in some schools.



Students decorate the classrooms for the teachers. They bring gifts to the person who has played a very important role in their life. But students never get a chance to say a thank you to them. So by giving small gifts such as flowers, books, pens etc. they convey their love and respect towards the teachers.

Teachers will never ask or expect for such gifts from their students. They don’t teach you to get something in return. What they want in return is to see their students grow as responsible and able citizens. They just want to see their students accomplish great heights in their career, to see that students have actually remembered their teachings and worked on the path guided by them. Student achieving a huge career and taking up his responsibility towards the nation is the proudest moment in the teacher’s life.



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