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9 Ways to Help Get You Out of That Bad Mood



Sometimes you’re in a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mood. The sun might be shining, but all you can see are dark clouds up ahead. Bad moods can get the best of us. They grab hold of you tightly, making them hard to shake off. You have a choice – you can either let the darkness surround you, or you can try your best to break free of its grip.

Getting in a bad mood might be caused by a friend’s harsh words, or road rage, or anything, but staying in it is up to you. After you’ve had some time to express your frustration, why not move on to brighter things?

Here are some ways to help you open up those blinds and let the sun shine in.

Talk It Out

A conversation can do you good. Talk therapy, whether it be with your best friend, mother, or your therapist, it can make a world of difference. We may not always be aware of what’s causing our bad moods. Talking it out can help you better understand where this negativity is coming from.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I say, so is a song. When we’re feeling down, a good playlist is there to help bring us up. It doesn’t have to be Pharrell William’s, “Happy”; Beyoncé also knows how to cheer up a gal. Music can help our hearts sing a new tune — a tune that’s much needed.

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You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine. So gulp that medicine right down. Either listen to your favorite standup, re-watch that episode from Arrested Development, or call that hilarious friend of yours. Sometimes all you need is just a good belly laugh.

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Pet Therapy

Unconditional love can always put a smile on your face. And, who can say “no” to a puppy? Petting an animal can be very soothing and just what the doctor ordered. If you don’t have a pet close at hand, YouTube puppy videos can fill in nicely.

Sweat It Out

Get up off that couch, put down the ice cream (unless it’s mint chocolate chip) and move, move, move. Endorphins can do a body and mind good. When you’re feeling low, it’s not an easy task to get yourself going. However, it takes small steps to get you in the right direction. Breaking a sweat might break that bad mood.

Be Nice

Doing a good deed might help get you out of that funk. Not only will it get you off of Santa’s naughty list, but it will also turn your mood around. Reach out to a friend letting them know how special they are to you, or do a random act of kindness. You’ll be surprised how such small, but important, actions can make you feel better.

Cry It Out

A little bit of tears can go a long way. Occasionally, all we need is a good cry. It can release those pent-up emotions you’ve been holding inside. So put on that waterproof mascara and let the waterworks flow. Don’t forget the tissues.


You’re never fully dressed without a smile. And, you’re never fully in a great mood without one either. Smiling can trick your brain into thinking you’re happier than you actually feel. If you’re in a bad mood, try to make a conscious effort to smile at others around you and see the positive effect.

Healthy Distraction

When your bad mood isn’t appearing to shake off easily, sometimes you need a little distraction. That is where reality television, retail therapy, and Pinterest can be your best friends. Don’t forget it’s only supposed to be a distraction — remember to return to the here and now.

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