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5 Reasons Why Writing A Book Will Change Your Life Forever


So you want to write a book . I’ve been there. It is great feeling but it is also really scary. You’re unsure how it will happen. You’re already busy and overwhelmed, right?

For years, I wrote blog posts and had ideas for book but couldn’t finish a book. The truth is I wasn’t sure how to write a book. There is A LOT of conflicting advice out there and honestly, the thought of doing it all was flat out overwhelming.

But what if there was someone to take you through the process and show you how to do things every step of the way? Suddenly writing a book isn’t so hard is it? With some help, your confidence will soar and you will know that you CAN (and will) write a book.stencil-blog-post-feature-19

Make the commitment to becoming an author!

Maybe you’re not convinced. Maybe you just think you don’t have time to write a book . (Actually you really do.) What are some reasons you should you write a book ?

1. Writing a Book Helps Spread a message.

Nothing on the planet spreads a message like a book. Sure, you could argue for doing a video instead, but videos have scripts, so you have to plot out your idea anyways. Anyone can craft a great book because the costs are very low; the only true costs are your time, an editor and cover designer. With video, the costs are much, much more.

2. Move Past Your Fears.

Writing a book is challenging and requires effort. Four out of five people say they have a book in them but very few people write a book. Going through the book writing process will cause you to grow in leaps and bounds.

Want to do something remarkable and that helps you stand out? Then you have to do what other people are not doing.

You know you want more than the status quo.

It may sound crazy to some, but you know you want to change the world in some way, right?

3. Find New Career Opportunities.

When I wrote my first book, I was able to make new connections which quickly led to new opportunities. Start passing out your book at conferences and networking events and you WILL get a response.  When you write a book, others will look at you as one with experience and knowledge.

Wouldn’t it be nice in your next interview to say, “I’ve written a book about that topic,” instead of “I’ve written several blog posts about that topic,”?  If you were the hiring manager, who would you hire?

4. A Book Will Provide You With Additional Income. 

Writing one book likely won’t allow you to quit your day job altogether, but I was able to make additional payments on my mortgage. I owed over 30K more than my house was worth. My first ebook–combined with a refinancing–allowed me to get from under that debt and sell my house without paying anything but closing costs. Pretty amazing right? In my case, my ebook DID change my future forever.

While book sales always vary, if you write a really good book, with a great cover, great title, great description that shows how it helps customers with a specific need, you will sell some copies of your book.

5. Writing A Book Can Help Launch Your Business.

Writing a book is a great introduction to you and what you are about. It can be as short as a manifesto for free–which if done well can be shared and really make a mark. Jeff Goins made a dent in the blogging world with his Writer’s Manifesto. Dan Miller changed how careers are viewed with his great book 48 Days To The Work You Love. There are many, many more examples. Heck, Ready Aim Fire and Focus Booster launched my writing career.

Source: jimwoodswrites.com


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