I listened to a free audio series called Manifesting with the Masters, hosted by Jen Mazer, The Queen of Manifesting. It was 25 manifesting experts (and one bonus speaker, Joe Vitale) all doing 45 minute interviews with Jen, sharing nuggets of advice and wisdom pertaining to all areas of life. It was fantastic!

The interviews basically consisted of all the ways in which these experts (who are life coaches, authors of best selling books, doctors, holistic specialists, law of attraction teachers) shared their tips and points of views in regards to manifesting a life you love. I picked up a lot of “aha moments” of clarity that I wanted to share with you guys.


  • Attitude – For me, one of the biggest blocks I have in regards to keeping my mood positive is the constant, day-to-day demands of two small children. I’m in the “mommy” phase; small, needy children who have back to back demands and wake up frequently at night. It just gets overwhelming sometimes and I find myself drained often. Jen said something that really helped shift my focus…she said instead of saying “I have to”, say “I get to” for everything that might seem unpleasant for you.
    • “I have to take care of two small children all day long” –> “I get to stay home with my two small children all day long.” (This is true, I’m so grateful to be the one who is home with them).
    • “I have to deal with the roughness and loud nature of boys constantly” –> “I get to have two beautiful, healthy boys that I always wanted and knew I would have.”
    • “I have to wake up multiple times a night” –> “I get to experience motherhood and all the lessons of character it teaches me.” Yeah, that one was hard to convert, but it’s true: everything we experience, good or bad, helps us grow.
  • Daily Alignment – It is so important to align yourself first thing in the morning so that your whole day flows smoother and in doing so you set yourself up for amazing things to come into your experience. I have a morning self-care routine that I do every day and it makes such a difference.
  • Do everything from a place of love – Susann Taylor Shier touched on motherhood a few times, and she mentioned scenarios like a sink full of dishes and dinner needing to be made, etc. She said to do everything from a place of love. When you do it from love, it gives it more purpose and it puts you more in alignment with that which you want to receive.


  • We are here to create – you have something to offer. We were born to create.
  • You dream the ideas that are meant to come through you; start before you’re ready – oh my gosh I loved this one, it touched me so much. I don’t know about you, but a lot of times I feel like a fraud, or like I’m not actually knowledgeable enough to write about anything I want to because who am I to write on a certain topic? Especially when I’m no expert. But, if a dream or an idea comes to you, it’s because you are meant to bring it forward. You don’t have to have a Ph.D or 20 years experience in something to begin sharing what you know. That’s how you become an expert.
  • God has no hands but yours – this gave me chills. Another reason to listen to the whispers in your heart…there’s something bigger trying to come through you. Don’t be afraid to follow through.
  • Keep your new ideas to yourself – this is one I never thought about. When you have a new idea, the energy around it is sacred to you. And when we share that energy before it’s ready, we risk losing it. They related it like the steam coming out of a kettle; we need to hold our ideas in until they’re ready, because we need the steam! Have you ever gotten an amazing idea, one that would be a big undertaking, and you shared it with someone and then felt a little bit of the steam lost? That’s because when we talk about it, we create the energy that it’s already happened and it can make you lose momentum.
  • You must take action – don’t wait until you think you’re ready…if you have the vision, just start. Start the book, start the business, start whatever it is you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Own your greatness – say YES to your value, to serve, to receive money, to gaining clients. When we subconsciously believe that what we’re offering has no value, we put that energy out and keep ourselves from receiving. Say YES to good things coming to you.

  • There is no competition – everything is divinely inspired, which means just like there is an abundance of air and we don’t worry about there not being enough air for us to breathe on this planet with billions of other people, there is an abundance of love, joy, success, and money for everyone.
  • Flourish – let all that you are flourish; you weren’t meant to work hard. Do everything from a place of love and let things happen rather than forcing them to happen.


  • Expect it – Jen said “know it will happen and that everything will work out in your favor.”
  • Gratitude – almost every single one of the 25 speakers mentioned how important this is. It aligns us with what we want, strengthens our expectations, brings you into the “miracle zone”, and opens you up to receive moreMaking daily gratitude lists is a powerful way to stay in alignment.
  • Welcome change – we can’t receive new things if we stay in the same situations and patterns. Change isn’t scary; it’s bringing you closer and closer to your dream.
  • Visualize – another big one mentioned in almost every interview; the importance of visualizing your goals/dreams. You must feel the dream, imagine already having it, engage every sense, step into the person/world you want to be in. When you’ve visualized correctly, you’ll feel the shift, you’ll feel excited!
  • Do belief work – everything that has happened to you has happened because you believed it was possible; this works for both bad and good things. If you have limiting beliefs as to what’s possible for you, your dreams can’t come to you. If you believe money is hard to make, that will be your experience. Sit down and write out your beliefs in an area you’re having trouble in. If it’s money, write down all of your self-limiting beliefs on money. Realize them, write their opposite on the other side of the paper, rip the paper in half and burn or destroy the side with the bad beliefs. Release them and do this often, until they stop coming up as blocks for you.
  • Surrender – state your intentions and goals, and then let go and allow for your dream or something even better to come to you.
  • Look for clues – look for clues that your dream is getting closer. This strengthens your expectation and keeps you excited. See everything as a positive sign. Did a friend recently achieve something you’ve been wanting? Their experience coming into your reality is a sign that your dream is coming closer! I look at it like the universe is asking me “Is this what you meant? Is this what you want, too?” Be happy for them, because when you are, you are telling the universe/God that you want the same thing!
  • Doubt the doubt – instead of doubting the dream, doubt any doubt that comes up for you. That’s your inner critic feeling afraid.
  • Trust in perfect timing – it will happen. Don’t give up, and be grateful for all the lessons you’ve learned along the way to your dream. Everything that happens is preparing you and stretching you to step into your dream.
  • Blow the whistle on yourself – how are you not acting like the vision of yourself in your dream? For me personally, I want to be a published author. I blew the whistle on myself for stalling, for not writing, for being afraid. The vision of myself as a published author is confident, she writes, and she believes in her message.

Source: http://jessicadimas.com


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