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Sandhya Shetty – Q&A


You have quite a few things in your kitty. How would you describe Sandhya Shetty to the readers as a person and professional?

I love juggling with multiple things whether its personal or professional life. I thrive when I indulge and involve myself with multiple activities. In personal life I like to keep a easy flow of routine which is working out, eating right, listening to music, travelling and exploring creative activities.
But professionally I love when work gets challenging and I like to give it 200% .
I could say iam borderline addicted to work and I can just go on and on. My love for Camera is beyond passion and I enjoy every bit of it. As an actor, supermodel, International speaker and karateka i have made sure I give all my work and passion the best bet. Focus, time management and sheer handwork has truly allowed me to excel in all.

 How do you see your journey as a model, actor & TV presenter? What are the key memories that has made you say – I have done it?

The Commonwealth gold medal in karate for India truly made me realize the dedicated journey I had taken for 22 years in karate.
Also today when iam known as a supermodel and when I have successfully done my OTT debut in Dharavi Bank and my Debut in malatalan Corona papers directed by the National award winning director Priyadarshan I truly feel blessed and it gives me more strength , energy and motivation to keep moving forward with more vigour and yes I have done so much and there is so much more to do.

Your achievements in Karate are commendable. How did you get into Karate? The journey and wins must have fascinating.

my karare journey started in 2004 and I have won almost 7 times state championship and 6times National championship and my Commonwealth gold medal 2015 for India and the SAKF gold medal too has truly made my karate journey very strong. Till 2019 I have had a super strong karate career which had a break due to the COVID virus breakout in the world where contact sport was completely shutdown.But my journey if fitness continues and I practice karate for fitness and focus is entirely on my acting career and competitive karate has to wait. The multifaceted being in me keeps me pushing to achieve more and try my best in everything that I do and now its time for the actor in me to rise and shine .

You have been in the entertainment industry for quite some time. What keeps you going?

Entertainment industry is very versatile and very exciting. The glitz and glamour allows my feminine side to shine . I love travelling and acting allows me to travel in India and around the world. The part of me being able to play different character is super thrilling and i love NY job.The hair, makeup and clothes just adds to the drama and I can unfold my comfort of style and fashion.

You have a slogan on your website – No Fear. Tell us about that. How is it associated with your work towards women’s empowerment?

I am born a woman and the universe has allowed me to thrive so beautifully in this amazing journey. I just feel that since I have had an opportunity to do so well and learn so much in my journey of life , it is only fair to share and care for others around. I love me being a woman and love when I see other strong woman around me. My mission No fear believes in empowering voice of woman.
Education, employment , self awareness and self defense is the key to empower woman and that is what my mission plans to achieve. Woman are beautiful, intelligent and strong and if only one woman support another will they become stronger.Men , woman and children its a accumulative effort in the society and its a inclusive world and my mission #Nofear wants to treat everyone equally and empower everybody to make the world a safe and aware place.

What next from you?

Right now my focus is acting. I am completely loving my journey as an actor and I hope i am able to do projects which are absolutely entertaining and also adds value to the society with my work.
As an actor I want to definitely do diverse characters and act in multilingual films. I want the freedom to travel and be able to work in india with all kinds of cinema and also travel internationally and explore Global Cinema.


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