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Numerology and its lifestyle


Like musical notes, numbers are the vibration in the universe and have their own tones and frequencies. Numerology is the science of numbers in your life that can be used as a powerful tool for self-discovery and self-improvement in your lifestyle. It can provide meaningful insights, advice and enhance the quality of your life. If you can do simple arithmetic, it’s very easy to follow the instructions and figure out the numbers relevant to your own life. Number could be your date of birth or mobile number or your apartment number or a time on a clock. So how numbers can be use in our day to day lifestyle as it keeps on changing its frequencies.


Dear Readers! I am Pari Sagar, author of the book on Numerology called Numerology: Self-discovery Through Numbers.

By profession I am an artist, numerologist and a therapist – and it all comes under my brand, Heal2Empower. My father was an astrologer himself.  He helped me discover my passion. He inspired me to paint and read books, and told me that books are my best friend. Everything he taught me eventually lead me to write a book myself.

I think numbers chose me to write about it. Numerology is the study of Numbers. It could help you to understand specific aptitudes and character tendencies, your talents, your hidden characteristics, your opportunities, and challenges in ways that could be life-changing. These numbers and their vibrations are so powerful that they are considered as integral elements of the cosmic plan. The process of writing about the book was new and interesting! So I thought of sharing a taste of my experience with Numerology with you.

Let’s say I want to see my personal year in 2021

Personal Year number

The Personal Year number prepares you for a year and is the key to move forward in life. It helps you focus on your career and take necessary action when the time is right. The change is good when you know that you have time to focus on relationships, to start a new family, have an adventure in life or undertake the simple task of moving homes. All you need is a little bit of planning; the whole exercise can be exciting and fun. Every year, your Personal Year number changes. It reveals how the year is going to be. Personal year 1 is the beginning of your next nine-year cycle. Personal year changes happen way before the year starts so it gives you a valuable insight into learning, opportunities and what you may experience throughout your life. Once you figure out your Personal Year number, it will help you stay organised and plan your life for a year. Please note that your personal year spans from birthdate to birthdate while the universal year spans from January 1 to December 31.

How to calculate the Personal Year number?

For this number, you need to add the day of your birth and the month of your birth to the number of the current year. For example, if you were born on November 5, and you want to know what sort of year 2010 might be for you, this is how to proceed.

Personal Year number = Day of your birth + Month of your birth + Current year

Day of your birth   Month of your birth   Current year
5 + 11 + 2010
    1+1 + 2+0+1+0
5 +  2 + 3
Total   10    

Hence, the Personal

Year number = 1

Personal Year number 1: New beginnings, individuality, innovative and taking action

If you have Personal Year number 1, welcome the new beginning. It’s time for new ideas. If you have a project, cultivate it. Every new opportunity that comes your way is bound to boost your confidence and help you build a positive attitude. Be in charge of your leadership skills. If you don’t have leadership skills, learn a new skill with determination and develop it with your conviction.  You may experience changes in your job or career. You are more energetic than others so you can handle your tasks with more enthusiasm.

Affirmation: I will accept new things in life with confidence and enhance my leadership skills.

 Personal Year number 2: Partnership, social, empathy and togetherness

If you have Personal Year number 2, you will have to learn to be patient and place your trust in others. You may become emotional and have an outburst in some situation. Or you may get stuck in either your own feelings or sometimes in your relationships. This year, you need to strengthen your current situation and be committed and focused in order to complete your tasks.

Affirmation: I know how to maintain my relationship with myself and others. I am giving and accepting love.

Personal Year number 3: Self-expression, creativity, learning new skills and entertainment  

If you have Personal Year number 3 this year, you may start being creative in your work or designing or sharpening your existing skills to enhance your potential. Start expressing yourself by learning public speaking or acquire new talents in communication by socialising and mingling with others. Connect with people and be communicative to get your work done. Try writing down your thoughts on paper to express them better.

Affirmation: I express myself with a positive mindset which fills my life with happiness.

Personal Year number 4: Planning, building, grounding and taking ownership

If you have Personal Year number 4 this year, you need to plan for your next venture. You may be pushed to build new projects. If you don’t know how to do it, learn to be precise by enhancing your plan. Work hard to be smart in your moves. Year 4 may be slow but holding steady and keeping your foundation strong will help you focus more sharply on your goals.

Affirmation: I plan my day and follow my plan diligently. I achieve my goal with great enthusiasm and receive financial security at the same time.

Personal Year number 5: Adventure, adapting new change and travelling

If you have Personal Year number 5, this year be adapt a new attitude towards change. Stay optimistic and adventurous as there are chances of new opportunities. Personal Year number 5 would mean a change of job or a possible career transition. Be calculative in your risk. You may travel a lot this year to experience different cultures, so be open to new learnings to expand your knowledge. There will be movement in your life. Promote your skills and expand your network.

Affirmation: I accept change and love to be adventurous in life.

Personal Year number 6: Responsibility, accoundability, kindness and caring

If you have Personal Year number 6, this year is all about responsibility. Take care of the family, learn to nurture them or improve your home environment by making an effort to understand the needs of your family members. Learn to take support from them in order to progress in life. Life would be more fun when you share your ups and downs with the family. Learn to mend the broken hearts in your family.

Affirmation: I am taking interest and engaging in my home life with the right attitude.

Personal Year number 7: Self-analysis, learning, awakening and growth

If you have Personal Year number 7, enhance the connection to the source. This year you learn to be self-analytical and understand yourself better. You may want to learn how to develop your personality. You want to gain spiritual wisdom and balance your mental and emotional strength

Affirmation: I am following my spiritual practice and meditating to improve my focus. I am improving my life in the right decision.


Personal Year number 8: Financial affairs, balance your ego, power and truthfullness

If you have Personal Year number 8, your focus is business. You are more concerned about prosperity, financial issues and legal advisory. There are opportunities for your career growth. Your potential will be recognised this year. You will be learning how to maintain the critical balance between financial and material world. Affirmation: I am abundance and attracting abundance. My financial life is growing lavishly and I am experiencing safety and security in money matters.


Personal Year Number 9: Compassionate, healing, transformation and humanitarian

If you have Personal Year number 9 This year is all about letting go of the things which no longer serve you. That will transform and end the old business with ease. You will be transformed into a new being. You will let go of all the negativity which is holding you back, maybe it is a toxic friendship or an old job which left you with bad memories. Appreciate your self and move to the divine path. Reconnect yourself to the higher self and work for the cause. Forgive others and yourself.  Enlighten your life’s purpose.

Affirmation: I trust the universe and surrender myself to the higher self. My higher-self will take me to the right direction for my future and I appreciate and accept it.




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