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National Nutrition Week


Every year from September 1 to September 7, the National Nutrition Week is observed to raise public awareness to vital indicators of their well-being and prosperity. People can learn about their nutritional and adaptive eating habits, which can help them obtain good nutrients.

Nutrition is basic human necessity and a requirement for living a healthy life. A balanced diet is vital for growth, development, and an active life beginning at a young age. It is the science that deals with all the many components of food and how adequate nutrition is achieved.



The theme of the 2021 National Nutrition Week is “feeding smart right from start”. The government has established a program to provide correct information and raise awareness through seminars and camps. These help in imparting every child and citizen of India with knowledge on how children may benefit from a good nutritional diet, right from birth.




National Nutrition Week was first marked in March 1975 by members of the ADA (American Dietetic Association, now — the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) to raise public awareness about the need of nutrition education while also promoting the profession of dietitians. The public response was so positive that the week-long celebration was expanded to a month-long event in 1980.

However, in India, the central government decided to launch a campaign, National Nutrition Week in 1982. The campaign was created to educate individuals about the significance of nutrition and to urge them to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.




A healthy body translates to a healthy mind. Nutrition is at the heart of our everyday lives, and a well-balanced and nutritious diet is essential for keeping this cycle in check.

To educate people about this fundamental phenomenon, the Food and Nutrition Board of the Government of India’s Ministry of Women and Child Development conducts this week-long annual celebration of National Nutrition Week. It emphasizes on the significance and function of proper nutrition in the human body. A well-balanced diet rich in vital nutrients is critical for the proper functioning and growth. The Indian government has launched initiatives focused on nutrition, decent food, a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle.


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