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Live Your Dreams!


“Ek thees lagi mann main jo , Nam aankhon ko kar jati jo

Tute sapno ki kasak hai , Aah ban nikli hai woh..! ”

Dreams are every human’s lifeline. We all live for we have some dreams to fulfill,  some desires to wake up for, some plans to work for and this is what gives us the feeling of being alive.!

Some dream just to dream and some dream to set goals. The milestones stepped and the goals conquered makes the person content. The happiness in living one’s dreams cannot be compared with anything else.

Some sleep to dream, some live their dreams… So how does it happen?

Ever thought why one just dreams of his life to be amazing at least some day, and  another lives each day amazingly?

They say “don’t count the days in life, let there be life in each day”

Loads of books, discourses and movies  on “life and living “ cover vast areas of interest all too different yet holding one thing in common, “Dream to achieve” “if you can dream it you can surely live it”.

But sadly most of us end up telling ourselves…these are just words to motivate …but REALITY IS DIFFERENT !!

We as humans tend to read and listen to stories where they achieve something which seemed way next to impossible. In the end we all hold a smile for he achieved what he was struggling for. But we seldom notice the key point that all these stories keep revolving around that is none other than a determined thought.

Let’s see what is the difference between a man who is happily living and a man who is JUST EXISTING !

A man who is happily living is always positive for what he wants seldom criticizing for what he doesn’t have. Has determined thoughts of what to achieve and plans to execute which finally leads him towards his destination.

Whereas the man who is JUST EXISTING usually has negative approach towards life, thoughts which make him more miserable which leads to actions that bring in hardships and eventually leading towards an unwanted life. Sad isn’t it?

While on the subject, I recall the famous lines from a recent Bollywood Movie  ” jab tum poori shiddat se kisi chiz ko chaho toh saari kainaat usse tum se milnane ki sajish me jut jaati hai” beautiful isn’t it ! Let these lines sink in deep in our minds ……

We all come across inspiring stories about a cancer patient being healed, some defeating death, many people who seemed nothing gradually becoming tycoons. But we end up saying these are stories, they where fortunate and so on…

It’s not about fortune it’s all about your thoughts and approach. If you dream of a beautiful life and think there shall be a miracle or just wait for it to happen, it shall surely never ever happen. Harsh but true..!

When you dream of a certain thing or set a milestone you gotta work towards it and it shall be true. Imagine a ladder, you standing at the first step and your goal at the top. Now see the distance do you think by staying at the starting point you can win the race? Certainly not.

Now just see yourself stepping step by step towards the top, the distance decreased? Definitely yes.! Now you shall be amazed to see that when you take one step towards your dream it takes two steps towards you. All you need is to think, target and work. You shall definitely lead towards the life of your dreams.

Now you might ask how much can I achieve. The answer is all that you want! Yes..! All that you wish for can be yours the key is positive approach and enjoying working towards your goal.

One might ask for some  facts to support this… Indeed it’s natural to question. So I am tempted to narrate a portion of my own life experience :

A year back I had “Hemiplegia Attack” (one side paralysis) the immense pain and shortly approaching BDS final year exams. I was worried and my family said in this condition you won’t be able to appear for the exams. I was in tears because all I could see was darkness. There came a friend who said it’s not yet over you can still try. This motivation was enough for me to kick start my studies and I had merely 24 days to prepare !!

On the very first day I made a clear view of my results that I’ll clear all the subjects, with this I made a study plan. Now all that I had to do was to follow the time table. Unfortunately, just one day prior to the exams, I had another Hemiplegia Attack. In the morning I was determined to appear for the exam with the injection to subside the pain AND… I went for the exam. One of my arms and one leg tightly wrapped in bandage so that it could help avoid the pain. And I gave my exam. The result was as planned I cleared the exam and today I can proudly say I’m a Dental Surgeon!!

 I DREAMT it, believed it and worked towards it against all odds and ACHEVED it


This is a very small example. There are people who have defeated death,fought and overcome cancer. There are people who were less paid workers and today they stand as the esteemed entrepreneurs. So the moral is there is immense power in positivity once you are determined and dream for tomorrow with positive thoughts and approach you can actually live your dreams !

So how simple it is to build the dream life… You can start it right now. Do not doubt before you start… Let’s begin with something very small like a smiling face, a happy hour and then a happy day. Make it a ritual to construct your future with what you want yes never forget to be thankful for what you have.Being thankful will give you happiness… Which will bring more happiness. One cannot deny that there is nothing powerful when compared to happiness.


Be the writer of your life, let past remain in past don’t look back live today to the fullest and you shall live the life of your dreams..!

Kickstart today..!

Tomorrow is the ocean of miracles choose wisely live happily..!


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