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Hairstyles for Medium length hair


The Wedding Hairdo

This hairstyle looks very difficult to do, but is very simple and easy to do. It gives you an elegant look.

an 1Source:10brandx.com

The Ponytail Bow

Again very easy to do plus gives you a really cute look.

an 2


 The Two Side-Braid Hairdo

When you are running late, this hairdo is the one you can do. Just make two braids to the sides pin it together as shown and you are good to go.

an 3

Source: gurl.com


The Half up Half down Hairdo

This is the simplest hairstyle for a casual day. You need to tease you hair around the crown to get a neat look. This makes your hair look volumnous.

an 4



The Ponytail

A perfect ponytail look never gets old. You can wear it on formal as well as on evening dressed.

an 5



The Open Hair.

Let your hair down. Set them by blow drying the hair and let them flow with the wind. This is always a safe option.

an 7


an 8

Source; pinterest.com





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