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Unique Ways to Wear a Scarf

Unique Ways to Wear a Scarf

Bored of using a scarf the same way every time? Worry not; I’m going to show you some of the easy and simple ways to use the same scarf lying around your wardrobe. By using some unique ways to wear your scarf u get new look everyday and is pocket friendly as you are jus tricking the onlookers and not actually spending much. Make your scarf a style statement by using these techniques and knots to make that boring winter day a bit colourful and unique.


  • The Turtle Neck

Wrap the scarf around the neck from both the ends as shown in the image. Tie a knot of the remaining ends and tuck it in the scarf wrapped around.

turtle neck scarf

  • The Infinity

Infinity scarf can be used in many ways as you can see in the images. If you don’t have infinity scarf, tie a knot at the ends of a normal scarf to make it an infinity scarf. One scarf and so many different looks, now that is smart thinking.

infinity 1

infinity 2

  • The European loop

European knot is a pretty simple and easy to wrap a scarf around your neck. This knot will add that extra style to your outfit.

european knot

  • The waterfall

It’s that simple guys. The waterfall gives an elegant look and it enhances a simple plain top, perfect for those lazy winter days.

waterfall scraf


  • The Bandana

Using your scarf this way is useful on a bad hair day. It also helps your hair from the damages of travelling thus, keeping your hair and your look in place.

the bandana



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