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Spice Up Your Winter Wear


To be honest, winters aren’t going to last forever but we should have all the fun that we can while it’s here. This chilly weather is adored by everyone because it makes us want to curl up under our blankets and sleep all day. It makes us want to go out and party because we won’t be sweaty and sticky. Quite honestly, winter brings out the best in us because we can do whatever we want to, go wherever we want to, eat whatever we want to and of course, wear whatever we want to. Winter fashion can be distinguished easily from the rest of the seasons because it’s so much cooler and we don’t have to worry about looking too skinny or fluffy because everyone looks the same in those woolen clothes.


Here are 5 ways to spice up your “winter looks” this season:

 winter look


  1. Make it colorful: Winter is considered to be a very gloomy season by a lot of people. It is, indeed, a bit gloomy and because of the same, we start picking clothes which are dark colored. We don’t do it on purpose but somehow, most people always end up turning up in dark colored clothes during the winter season. The trick is to add a pinch of bright colors to your outfit to avoid the gloomy look. You will not only look and feel prettier but will also stand out from the rest of the crowd.



  1. Use up the summer stock: Yes, that’s right. Pick out all of your summer dresses, particularly those vintage maxis and knee-length dresses and pair them up with either matching or black leggings/body colored hose. All you have to do is to take your favorite leather jacket and wear on top of the maxi/dress along with mid-length/knee-length boots and that’s about it.

use summer stock

  1. Layer it up: Since it’s pretty cold out there, people prefer wearing a few layers of clothes rather than stepping out just a single one. All you have to know is what and how to layer things up. Well, leggings seem to be a key player during this season and so, pick out your tights and pair them up with a long top. Once that is done, cover yourself up with a long shirt or a cardigan and simply wear your favorite jacket on top of that. It might sound a bit bizarre but you’ll definitely end up with something pretty.

layer it up

  1. Go floral: Everyone tends to associate floral prints with spring but it’s always fun to add a touch of something different to your outfit to stand out from the crowd. Get into your lovely pair of jeans, pair them up with a regular t – shirt and choose a floral overcoat. Go for a darker floral print to get yourself an edgier look.

go floral

  1. Furry force: No, nothing kinky here. For those of you who want to go out partying but are too scared of freezing to death in your glamorous dresses, this point might work for you well. Wear whatever you want to without worrying about how short and exposing the dress is because there’s still a way to keep yourself warm. Just get into a warm and fluffy (faux) fur coat and you are sorted.




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