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Find The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses For Your Facial Shape

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1) Aviators

You might think that everyone around you is wearing these sunglasses, but it doesn’t quite suit you. There’s a reason behind that. These ones, though, a wardrobe essential, suit only oblong-shaped faces. It hides the big forehead and the small chin!

2) Cat eye glasses


For people having square or heart shaped faces, or a broad forehead, this one is the perfect pick! It highlights better features, and also does the same work a winged eye-liner would do for you!

3) Round Glasses


Call these the John Lenon Glasses or the Harry Potter Glasses, the fact remains that these ones suit long and oval faced ones the most, by making the size of their face look shorter.

4) Geometric Glasses


These ones are our favourite pick, being the most different ones. They’re perfect for round faces… Adding more angles to it!

5) Wayfarers


These rectangular/square sunglasses help in lifting up the face of ladies having oval or round shapes.

These also add angles!

Source: Fashionara


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