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6 Cool Temporary Tattoos You’ll Want To Try Out


 You love it, but you have some inhibitions. You’re not sure if it’s safe or you’ll want it on your body forever, here’s when you can try temporary tattoos (thank God for that!). DIY tattoos are all the rage right now; they are great for any occasion. Easy to do, changeable, removable and totally trendy! Check these to get you started.

  1. Zodiac Signs25 Best Zodiac Tattoos, Sea-Goat Symbols And Meanings For Capricorn Zodiac  Sign | YourTango

It’s quite cool to sport your birth sign and it’s a good start to tattooing. Place them where you can bare them, as they are pretty to flaunt it. To transfer these designs to your skin, you will need a tattoo paper and a wet cloth. Print these on the paper and rub it over to the desired place. Cut the rest of the paper and then peel the paper gently.

Get it here: www.freetattoodesigns.org

  1. Mettalic tattoosDo glitter/metallic tattoos exist? - Quora

Pretty grunge and hip in my opinion. The current favorite amongst all fashionista’s. Ain’t no better place like a beach to sport it. If you’ve got this, you need no accessories.

Get it here: www.welovecustomade.in

  1. Birds

18 Best 3 birds tattoo ideas | birds tattoo, tattoos, cute tattoos

Nature enthusiasts, this pretty dainty tattoo is just what you need to show your appreciation and love towards the wonderful things that nature beholds.

Get it here: www.justfree.org

  1. Love heart101 Heart Tattoo Designs that will cause You fall in Love again

Do it for your special one or just do it if you love everything about your life, this love heart tattoo gives a happy vibe and its best in its simplicity.

Get it here: www.tattoofun.com

  1. Gemstone

Pin by Sarah Haube on Body Art | Tattoos, Feminine tattoos, Trendy tattoos

For the gem of a person in you! Love bling? Don’t see why you shouldn’t get these on!

Get it here: www.aliexpress.com

  1. Anklet tattoos45 Beautiful Ankle Tattoos and Their Meanings You May Love to Try! | Tattoos,  Trendy tattoos, Foot tattoos

A cool way to flaunt dainty designs on your feet! If you’ve got a hippie stride in you, get one today!
Get it here: www.aliexpress.com

While there are tons of temporary tattoos to try, it is quite hard to settle for one. Go explore and flaunt them in your own unique and personal way! We would love to see, if you’ve had a cool tattoo. Share them below.

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