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5 Inspiring Beauty Quotes Every Girl Should Live By

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One word all the ladies out there live by. That magical word is Beauty. It’s important for all the grown up females everywhere possible but what we must understand is that Beauty is not just ones physical appearance but beauty is essentially what a person is on the inside. It’s the inner beauty that counts. It matters how your heart and mind are and how selfless and down to earth you are.

Beauty should always be inspiring and here are 5 inspirational beauty quotes every girl should live by

These beautiful lines quoted by an equally beautiful woman, Audrey Hepburn, make flawless sense. The beauty of a woman or in fact any person can simply not be judged by just looking at their physical appearances. To actually conclude how beautiful or charming a person is, you need to look through their outer appearances and see how a person really is on the inside. True Beauty is indeed reflected clearly in the soul.

It’s no crime to be inspired by people in your life and trying to become like them but what you should certainly avoid is trying to turn into their carbon copy. Every individual in the world has his or her own identity and they should indeed be super proud of it. You should always be proud of who you are while equally respecting the other person’s identity. Beauty comes from within and it truly begins the moment you decide to be yourself. By enhancing your own identity more than trying to acquire someone else’s, you boost your self esteem and confidence and let your inner beauty flow out.
As said earlier, beauty is essentially about knowing your inner self and accepting it proudly. These amazing lines said by the famous television host and writer, Ellen DeGeneres, support the same concept. The easiest way to be and appear beautiful is to first be comfortable in your own skin. If you don’t feel content with yourself and your true identity, the world won’t either. People truly want to see and experience who you really are. If you are too busy trying to be someone else and aren’t particularly pleased with your own identity, you won’t be able to please anyone else either. You need to focus on being yourself because everyone else is already taken. Be proud of yourself and inspire others.

Marilyn Monroe was indeed a very powerful woman and her words held an equal amount of power within them. She stated an undeniable truth by explaining people the importance of self confidence and self esteem. Nowadays, every second woman/girl wants to be size 0, in short be the slimmest person alive. They want to get rid of the bulges they have and probably want to achieve it by crash dieting. What we need to understand is that we will always be beautiful, as long as we feel beautiful on the inside, irrespective of the size of our body. It’s the society that needs to change its orthodox and demanding nature and not us. We are beautiful as long as we continue feeling the same.

The last but not the least quote that should be taken into serious consideration is this one. To conclude all the previous quotes shared above, we know that inner beauty and self confidence are the basic keys to appear beautiful on the outer side as well, which certainly erases all the misconceptions about knowing the art of applying makeup on your face. You need to comprehend the fact that Makeup isn’t what is essential for someone to appear beautiful and that you will still do very well if you don’t possess such things. You will always be beautiful if you have a beautiful soul and a beautiful mind.
Beauty doesn’t come with expensive clothes or expensive makeup accessories. It simply comes with a soul which knows how to respect its own self and accept its true identity proudly.


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