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Makeup Cheat Sheet – 5 Tips And Tricks

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This one’s exclusively for all the pretty ladies out there. Most of you own expensive makeup kits and also adore the idea of applying it on your face and appear phenomenal. What’s the problem then? Well, it’s when you just can’t get yourself to perfect the art of applying makeup. Even those of you who actually know how to blend things together when you’re working with makeup kits, a few glitches always manage to stay. So, we thought of providing you with a helpful cheat sheet which will guide you through hard times.

In order to help you out a little, here are 5, apparently trivial, makeup tips you need to learn: 

pasted image 0TIP 1

Make use of a tissue to wipe the extra foundation off your cheeks for a natural finish!

We constantly keep worrying if we’ve done too much or too little. Most of these worries come hand in hand with a foundation tube. Foundation is used to make our skin tone appear even and glowy. It also gets rid of any unwanted patches off our face. It is a great product for people with those ugly dark circles and puffy eyes but not everyone knows how to use it perfectly. If not applied properly, foundation is easily visible and looks like an “overkill”. That’s exactly when you use TIP 1. Use a regular hand tissue and gently wipe off the unwanted foundation off your cheeks. This will give off a natural look and people won’t be able to figure out if you have any makeup on.
pasted image 0 (1)TIP 2

Use a good concealer on a brush to “erase” lipstick errors.

Many a time we’re applying a lipstick and our hand slips or someone pushes us or an earthquake strikes (extremely low chances though), and we manage to ruin our lips. Lipsticks are sticky and shiny and no matter how much we try to wipe them off of our skin, the shine or a little bit of color always remains. This kind of ruins the look we were hoping to achieve and so frustration starts knocking our doors. Ladies, you shouldn’t worry much because stress gets you wrinkles and trust me, nobody wants wrinkles. Instead of worrying, you should just simply put a little bit of concealer on a brush and use gentle strokes of the same to wipe off those hazardous lipstick errors and you are done!
pasted image 0 (2)TIP 3

Lift and add brightness to your eyes by placing a shimmering highlighter just under your brow bone.

For those of you who have big and beautiful eyes and want to show them off to the world, this can used as a great trick. All you have to do is get your hands on a pretty shimmering highlighter and dab it right under your eyebrows. It will not only make your eyelids appear charming but will help you highlight the eye makeup you’re about to do as well. This way you can show off your big and beautiful eyes to world and be extremely confident about it at the same time!
pasted image 0 (3)TIP 4

Always use an eyelash curler to make your eyes look bigger!

A lot of us have “not so big” eyes and we don’t really like that part, do we? We want to make our eyes look big and beautiful but naturally small eyes require good eye makeup to achieve that wide – eye look. A simple trick, other than appropriate eye makeup, can also make your eyes appear wide and beautiful. What might that be? Well, it’s simple. All you have to do is make use of an eyelash curler. When you curl your eyelashes, they don’t hide your eyes and instantly give you a highlighted wide – eye look.
pasted image 0 (4)


Use of beautiful fingers to warm and blend makeup

Often we find ourselves confused as to how do we blend the blush with our skin tone or how do we even apply foundation properly? The answer to all of your questions is your “beautiful fingers”. We also make use of good brushes to do the same but our fingers work magic and so they are probably the best option when it comes to blending everything on your face. You can use them however you want and no chances of errors exist.


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