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10 Must-Haves In Your Wardrobe This Winter

10 Must-Haves In Your Wardrobe This Winter

Well the ruthless weather is here. This means it’s time for some winter essential shopping to protect your body from the seasons cold weather. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to ignore the fashionista inside you. Protect your body and even look stylish by adding few quit essential things to your wardrobe. Take a look.

 #1 Sweater over Shirt

Layer a sweater over shirt and add a statement neck piece, to get a cool layered look


Source: looplooks


#2 Cardigan Maxi Jackets

Put on a cardigan maxi jacket over your uniformed t-shirt and jeans and even on cute dresses to achieve a winter look

image01Source: pinterest

#3 Scarf

Style your outfit by wrapping a scarf around your neck in unique different ways

image02Source: examiner

#4 Sweatshirts

For those lazy winter days wear sweatshirts and pair it with loose fitted jeans and sneakers and make your day stylish and comfortable at the same time.

#5 Hats

Use hats which cover your ears to keep you warm and also hides your bad hair day.



Source: aliexpress, notey

#6 Turtlenecks

Wear your turtleneck tops over your skinny jeans, trousers or even skirts for a cozy look.




#7 High Neck Hoodies

Enhance your winter look by adding these high neck hood sweatshirts to your wardrobe this winter. They look quit cool than the regular collar.

Source: aliexpress

#8 Ponchos

These are made to give you the comfort of a cape or blanket, minus the weird look. To get a perfect look, modernise the rest of your outfit.
#9 Plaid Patterns

Plaid is one of my favourite patterns and it is such a huge hit this season. Plaid shirts, skirts, scarf and shoes are available for us which gives you a very casual street style look.

Source: katiesbliss, blog.elegente










#10 Winter Boots

Winter boots are essential, especially for the ladies travelling to the snowy areas this season and also to those who wants a complete winter look head to heels.

Source: cute.trafficmanager



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