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10 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

10 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life Forever

1. Make Your Lipstick Last Forever With Powder

Want your lipstick to stay put through the day without transfering on to every surface you touch? Once you’ve applied your lipstick, hold a thin tissue against your lips and using a powder brush, dab some translucent powder on. You can eat a burger and your lipstick won’t budge.


2. Dry Your Nails With Water

Tired of waiting for your nails to dry? Once you’re done applying your polish, wait for a couple of minutes and dip your fingers in cold water. Now you can open all the bags you want without ruining your manicure.


3. Use A Credit Card For The Perfect Winged Liner

Use a credit card or visiting card as a guide to create the perfect wing. Place the card on the outside edge of your eye and use it like a ruler to draw a perfect line.


4. Use A Spoon For Flawless Mascara Application

Place a spoon right under your bottom lashes and apply mascara without worrying about those pesky stains. Use can use the spoon over your eyelid to coat your top lashes too.


5. Intensify Your Eye Makeup With Eye Drops

Want an intense pigmentation from your eyeshadow? All you need to do is lighly dip your eyeshadow brush in eyedrops and then pick up eyeshadow. Don’t worry, it won’t ruin your eyeshadow and it’ll ensure you get a beautiful wash of colour.


6. Baby Powder Will Rescue You From Any Bad Hair Day

Out of dry shampoo? Use baby powder on the roots of your hair to cut greasiness and revive your locks. However, make sure that you wash out your hair in a day or two.


7. Turn Your Eye Liner Pencil In To Gel Liner

Take your kohl pencil and run the tip on a flame for a couple of seconds, let it cool and there you have it – a gel liner!


8. Apply Concealer In A Triangle

Instead of dotting your concealer under your eyes, apply it in an inverted triangle shape, down to your cheek. This trick covers up the discoloration properly and highlights your cheekbones.


9. For Flawless Concealer Application Use An Eye Shadow Blending Brush

If you want perfectly blended concealer, use a fluffy eye shadow blending brush. It’s soft on your under eye area and will reduce the appearance of fine lines.


10. Instantly Plump Up Your Lips With A Highlighter

Place a small amount of highlighter on your cupid’s bow and the center of your lip, this will make your lips look plumper and make your lipstick pop.


Source: MTV


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