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10 Fashion Tricks To Look Slimmer


Want to instantly look thinner without any dieting or exercise this party season? All you have to do is try these styling tricks, says Kasmin Fernandes.

  1. Grab a fusion maxi skirt: This one’s for those who have broad thighs or ankles. Wear a straight-cut maxi skirt with a fitted, cropped and belted kurti to lend the illusion of longer legs. Says designer Shouger Merchant, “Or pick a straight lehenga with a lot of kalis.” Don’t wear a heavy kurti or blouse on top.
  1. Go on a vertical spree: Vertical stripes elongate the body. That they are big on the ramp right now is another plus. Says designer Aniket Satam, “Make sure your outfit has bright stripes at the front and darker ones on the side. Use the same idea for vertical panels.” Don’t sport vertical stripes in too many colours.
  1. Embrace empire waist: “It is an elegant way to camouflage the tummy,” says designer Aditi Holani. The empire waist is characterised by a fitted bodice ending just below the bust, and a loose skirt that lightly skims the body. Don’t try this trick if you are well endowed at the bust.
  1. Be fail-safe with black: Black is classy, absorbs light instead of reflecting it and makes you appear slimmer and sharper. Suggests menswear designer Rajat Suri, “Apart from the usual jet black, you can also choose shades of black like charcoal, onyx and black olive.” Add a pop of colour through accessories like a printed scarf, watch or kolhapuris. Don’t have only black in the look.
  1. Use efficient layering: Layering has made a comeback as a trend and can be harnessed to your advantage if you want to camouflage problem areas. Choose nice silhouettes, wear a mix of structured and fluid pieces, thick and soft fabrics, and keep the accessories simple. Don’t go overboard with layering; three layers should suffice.
  1. Use peplum detail: Peplum is a wonder silhouette for all body types. “However, the key to making this trend work for you is to wear it right. Wear it with a skirt if you are broad on the hips, for instance,” says Merchant. Don’t wear a short peplum top with pants if you are pearshaped; it will only accentuate your lower body further.
  1. Do monotone: Monotone is another foolproof tip to shave off the inches. A monotone ensemble produces a strong unbroken vertical line that elongates the body. Wear a plain suit in a dark shade and pair with a printed shirt to add a burst of colour. Don’t wear bulky fabrics like wool. Choose a softer and thinner fabric.
  1. Throw on a jacket: “A structured, half-kneelength jacket is a fantastic idea to cover up bingo arms and to give the appearance of a slender form,” says Holani. Pull on an embellished jacket in the right length (mid-thigh to knee) for your next festive do. Don’t wear a short cropped jacket; it will put emphasis on your midriff and defeat the purpose.
  1. Loop a stole: Men can mask a paunch with a quick trick – a dark stole or dupatta. Says Barkha Sharma of designer duo Barkha & Sonzal, “Pick a straight-cut kurta pajama to lend definition to your frame; loosely loop a stole around your neck so that it conceals your abdomen as much as possible but manages to display your clothes.” Don’t use a stole in the same shade as your kurta.
  1. Do slouchy chic: Follow the slouchy chic trend in fusion wear to look tall and slender during the festivities. Says designer Nishka Lulla, “Team a dressy shirt and sequinned jacket with high-waisted slouchy trousers in a luxurious fabric. Make sure the pants taper and end at the ankles and are fitted at the hem.” Don’t put on two slouchy separates at the same time.Source: Times of India


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