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With stakes riding high on spaces not adhering to a specific style, Interior designer Lavina Rodrigues of Pyra Build & Designs, plays the card of experimentation and customization to deliver a state of the art VIP Lounge at Santacruz Airport, Mumbai



For a Lounge with an entrance door of old world charm and class, with pure brass handles and elegant frameworks, you know this space belong to patrons of pure style, elegance and aesthetics. Bringing the elegance element to this 3200 square feet Lounge is interior designer Lavina Rodrigues – the brains behind the design firm Pyra Build & Designs. Lavina is driven by the philosophy to give substance to every client’s vision using her design sensibilities and on site prowess. And for this Lounge, she has transformed the otherwise dull looking space into a elegant lounge.


The site is a large and spacious Lounge in suburban Santacruz, Mumbai. You can enter through gate no.8 of corporate aviation, and the client is Indian Navy with its high standards in quality and perfection. “Free of preconceived ideas, they wanted an uncluttered Lounge to host various VIP visitors coming for events happening within the Navy, or VIP guest in transit to other places. Driven by a relatively open-ended brief, basic specifications included providing a ambient and elegant space, maintenance free with a non standard but good dining table. In response to that the Interior designer created a shell of dark Mahogany, minimally packed with simplistically crafted furniture with gentle beige coloured seating offsetting the dark mahogany and with abstract paintings adding colour to the lobby.


She started by revamping the outdoor lobby. A stark white wall sharply contrasts the brightly coloured red granite stone on the floor, with potted plants fixed to it. Paying homage to the old world charm, the doors are basically 4 doors with glass work and finished with elegant glass film, The brass long handles and other accessories give it a intriguing look making it a grand entrance with style.



Ensuring a continued crest in the creative frequency showcased in the corridor just beyond the main door lies the spacious and very long corridor decked up with gleaming red granite breaking the monotony of white walls and ceiling done up with Royale paints with wooden bars in in mahogany colour encrusted in the ceiling with led warm lighting. A certain area is sectioned off from the actual hangar with large glass partitions with milky film and a bold Naval Logo. The partition area is decorated with various plants and a console table that holds the visitors book.The huge corridor has also a pantry door done up in element and replicating the grand main entrance, it ends at the entry of the VIP lounge.

The large spacious lounge area is well lit with large windows and it capitalizes on the view outside. This led to designing all formal seating by the window and also gives the area a formal look. The sofas have a chesterfield kind of look to it and are generously lined with abstract coloured rustic orange tones and soft cushions breaking the monotony of pastel coloured sofa and the general colour of the lounge. The colours and designs being significant requirements of an extremely short list of requirements, the designer made sure that it was well curated with complete attention to detail. Each sofa is uniquely carved on site and painted in Mahogany hue, providing the only set of bold colours that you will see in the lounge, a solution to accentuating the vastness of the living room is their ingenious play of volumes. For greater open space, she broke down the wall and provided a grand entrance door to the lounge with 4 doors opening on the outside complete with brass hardware with matt finish adding elegance and charm to the whole setup.


Replete with experimentation, the designer moulded the ordinary into pleasantly surprising elements. The door to the restroom and common washroom was cleverly and artistically designed and what catches your eye first is the intricacy of the partition pattern beautifully carved into the ceiling. Although the lounge is discreet, it is still conspicuous due to its golden yellowish acrylic ceiling with dark mahogany frame with inset lights warms up the lounge area and beckons visitors just like moths to a flame.


Lavina understands the mindset of her clients and their formal yet functional requirements has set up a modern study table with all their voice and data requirements for the visitors visiting this facility and has given a high back elegant sofa chair to add aristocracy element to this study area.


While inside the visitors don’t miss out on what’s happening at the airport and the noises surrounding it thanks to the elegantly crafted and patterned roman blinds that cover the large expanse of windows, soft in colours and hues of beige with self design patterns.


A door leads to the restroom. Akin to the Lounge area, the restroom space too sports a similar composition with a lovely backdrop against the bed, complete with soft toned wall paper with printed patterns. Keeping true to the client’s specifications for minimalistic, the restroom’s only furniture are King size bed, side tables and a wardrobe. There is a feeling of classy furniture showcasing a elegant look all in hues of Black, white and a little beige.


The Lounge is full of nuances that reflect the varied passions of the inhabitants. Being lovers of plants, little potted plants become a part of the visual throughout the lounge. It’s classy and the elegance completely justifies your desire for a similar space, which you are bound to feel.



FACT FILE : Location Santacruz Airport, Mumbai

Area 3200 Sq.ft

Principal Designer: Lavina Rodrigues


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