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Top 5 Reasons Jeans are the Best Pants

Top 5 Reasons Jeans are the Best Pants

When it comes to pants or bottoms there are many different options. Some people prefer yoga or sweat pants, while others prefer a nice pair of Dockers or dress pants. Everyone has their own personal preference, but the fact remains that out of all our options, jeans are the definitely the best.

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There are many different reasons why but here are the top 5 reasons jeans are better than just about any other pants on the planet.

1. Options are Limitless

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A nice pair of jeans looks great on anyone. Because of this, the options available these days have grown considerably. At one time you could only get a wide leg or boot cut and your main decision was the color and wash. Now there are so much more options like bell bottoms, high-waisted, boyfriend, and skinny jeans. It may take some time to decide on your style option before even getting to the color and wash.

2. They Last Longer

Jeans are great because they last for a long time. You do not even need to wash them every time that you wear them. This may sound weird but it is true. Actually the more that you wash your jeans, the more wear and tear they receive. So unless you are going for that grunge look, the less that you wash them the better. The following Infographic by denimhacker teaches you the ways that you can make your favorite pair of jeans last longer.

With the right care, they can last for years and years to come. Remember that every time a pair of your sweatpants rip.

3. They are Easy to Style

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Jeans are really the only type of pants that you can style quickly, often in less than 5 minutes. You don’t even need to pair them with a specific type of top. Jeans match or go with anything. Men might even be interested in how to match their jeans with their shoes. There are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling or matching jeans. You have the ability to do whatever feels and looks best on you. Enjoy that freedom and ease of style. You don’t get that with any other options.

4. They Are Versatile

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A pair of jeans can be worn during almost any occasion. They can even be worn at work. When a pair of jeans are dark and sleek they look more professional and can be even more versatile. This lets you stay comfortable, look professional, and definitely get work done. Of course, jeans are also perfect for any type of casual settings. Some people have even gotten away with them at weddings (or so I’ve heard).

5. They Hide Stains Well

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Spilling anything on your clothes can be a huge bummer. No one wants to walk around with a huge stain. Spilling on your dress pants can be a never ending nightmare. However, spilling something on your jeans is not really that bad. They are super easy to get rid of or just hide for the day. The one exception to this may be white jeans. But let’s be honest, who really wears white jeans? Anyways the fact is that jeans or super durable and make it easy to hide minor mistakes that could ruin your day or even your clothes when you choose to wear another type of fabric.

So there you have it. I have just given you the top 5 reasons why jeans are the best option for pants on the planet. They are very durable, flexible, and appropriate for pretty much any occasion. All that and I did not even mention the comfort. It is hard to go wrong when you put on a nice pair of jeans. But don’t just take my word for it. If you haven’t owned a pair of jeans in a while, go out buy a pair today. You can thank me later.

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