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Taking Care of Your Skin this Winter

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Winters have been around for quite some time now and if you’re a normal human being, you must be noticing the wide and clear cracks on your beautiful skin. Yes, that’s what this charming but chilly weather does to our skin. If we stop paying heed to the need of our skin, we will most probably end up with a dry and flaky skin and well, it not only feels unpleasant but ruins the look too. You should not only be taking care of your skin just during the winter season but throughout the year if you want glowing and scratch-free skin, that is.


It’s not too late though. Note down these 5 brilliant tips to get your precious skin back to life:


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  1. Moisturize:

Well, first thing’s first, knowing why your skin is dry is no rocket science. Our skin loses essential oils and doesn’t sweat at all since the weather outside is too darn cold. The best way to avoid dryness of the skin is to apply a nice and smooth moisturizer. This sounds simply but is not. You need to pick the best cream/moisturizer which would perfectly compliment your skin during this season or it won’t work its magic.

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  1. Egg Yolk Paste:

The moisturizer is eventually going to wear out so you need to look for a way to keep your skin smooth throughout the day without finishing your moisturizer within 2 days. A cheap and effective way to do is to make a paste with Egg Yolks. Simply break an egg, carefully remove the yolk (as bad as it may smell), mix it up with honey and milk powder (1 tablespoon each) and apply it on your skin. This is one charmingly cheap and extremely effective way to make sure your skin doesn’t suffer from those ugly dry cracks.

egg yolk paste


  1. Oil:

Oil is nothing but a traditional alternative for your expensive moisturizer. Now, I agree that it’s sticky and you hate it but well, are you concerned about your skin or not? I heard a yes so I’ll continue talking about oil. Oil turns out to be an even better alternative to keep your skin hydrated than regular creams and moisturizers because of its healthy ingredients. It holds the capability to make your skin glow and make it smoother after it’s been absorbed by it.




  1. Lemons:

When the winter gives you lemons, you use them to hydrate your skin. Yes, you might have never heard of this phrase before but it’s actually true. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and the citric acid present in them helps you get rid of the dry skin and exfoliates it. This not only aids in the renewal of skin cells but also gives you a glowy look. The winter sun often darkens the facial skin but lemon helps in removing the dark shade. You can rub a slice of cucumber over the face after rinsing it with lukewarm water. This will help moisturize the skin.




  1. Water:

I’m not going to ask you to apply this one on your face and you already know how this one is going to help. Drinking water keeps you hydrated not only in the winter season but throughout the year. When your system is hydrated, your skin feels the same way. Lack of water in the body can be another reason for your skin to be flaky. So, drink up!



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