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Indian Beauty Blogs You Must Follow

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Isn’t everyone just tired of following the same old foreign beauty blogs? Most of us only follow them just because everyone thinks that it’s way better than what we can do right here. As India has a pretty weird and funny image when it comes to makeup and beauty, people don’t ponder for even a moment before deciding that the beauty blogs created in foreign countries are way better. Well, it’s time to really shatter your illusions down because we’re going to tell you just how much you are missing out on by not giving enough importance to the beauty blogs created in our own country.

Once you start following some desi beauty blogs, only then will you understand the true meaning of getting the blush right on your cheeks. Here’s a list of the top beauty blogs that you must start following right away!


  1. Beauty and the best: This blog is handles by Shreya and she describes herself as the editor of the website. A lot of other bloggers and writers work with her and contribute equally in order to get this beautiful beauty blog up and running. On this blog, you can find featured beauty and skin care advice, some honest product reviews, makeup and fashion tips and tricks and of course some knowledge on fitness. This covers up almost everything for which you would generally follow five different blogs. You can find Beauty and the Best here and follow them instantly.


  1. The Indian Beauty Blog: This one must bag the “top blog award” mainly because of its name. Well, jokes apart, you should follow this blog because you will be able to find something different here. This blog is run by Ritu Rajput and she actually gave up her job to be a full time blogger! Apart from this, she covers store launches, beauty related events and also provides you with some nicely done make-up tutorials. Follow them here.


  1. Wise She: As the name suggests, this blogs is actually pretty wise because it’s as old as six years and has about over 10,000 posts on it. Gives you all the more reason to start following it right away! Apart from this, the blog also receives about over a million views every month. Now we know that Indians, too, can run beauty blogs successfully. They have done reviews for about a 100 brands and continue to do so each day. Follow Wise She!


  1. Be Beautilicious: Started in January 2011 by Shalini Srivastava, this blog has been achieving milestones constantly ever since. She basically specializes in Makeup and nail art. She says, “I’m not a makeup artist but beauty in general is definitely an obsession”. Well, you need to check this blog out and start following it as soon as possible because they have the best DIY page ever.


  1. Everything that matters: This blog is run by Jyoti who has worked as an architect for over 4 years and is now determined to follow her dream of blogging! That’s motivating and nice but what is even better about the blog is its categories and determination. Jyoti makes sure that she and her team post everything which can be taken up by anyone and everyone. They post tips taking each and every skin type in consideration and so on. You can follow this super-awesome blog here.



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