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Hair Care – How to Take Care of Your Hair

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The human species are so darn eerie! We tend to pay so much attention to all the dead cells that our body produces. If you’re confused, let me clear out that I’m talking about our hair and nails. Yes, we probably spend more time on getting the right hairstyle and creating the flawless nail-art and we would be lying if we denied any of this. Well, today is the day when I’m actually going to advise you on how to take perfect care of your beautiful dead cells a.k.a your hair.

  1. Not too hot! : So, the weather is chilly and the thought of having a bath sends shivers down your spine. Whatever the case might be, there is no escaping the fact that you will eventually have to wash your hair, if not your body. All you have to do is wash it with cold/lukewarm water. I know it’s going to be pretty hard but you need to understand that hot water is the main reason for hair-loss. It is extremely harsh on your scalp and makes your hair weaker. No hot-water showers from today!


  1. Loosen up the ponytail: You tend to lose more hair if you keep your hair tied up too tight and for too long. The trick is to let your hair breathe once in a while and then tie it back up but not too tight. This will keep your hair happy and break-free.


  1. Chuck the Straightening machine: This one’s pretty obvious to everyone. Use the appliances whenever you’re going out for something special but seriously, don’t overdo it. It not only makes your hair fall but eventually makes it appear ugly and lifeless. So, get rid of the electronic appliances.


  1. Trim the Splits: You aren’t Rapunzel! You can’t just perpetually grow your hair like there’s no tomorrow. You need to maintain it by regularly trimming it. Your hair will eventually develop split ends which hinder further growth. If you keep trimming it on a regular basis, your hair will not only grow faster but will be completely rid of any split ends.


  1. Bid Farewell to the stress: Even if you stay on your toes and follow all tips and tricks mentioned above, you will still fail miserably if you’re stressing too much. Stress kills you on the inside and that’s the reason why your hair falls. It becomes weak and rusty. All you have to do is maintain a balanced diet and laugh along. When your body knows that you’re stress-free, your hair will get its volume as well as the shine back.


Now that you have all of these easy – peasy remedies written down right in front of you, start following them religiously unless you fantasize being bald. These tips will help you keep your hair charming and beautiful as always!


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