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OnePlus X Vs iPhone 6: The Showdown!

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Apple has been a leading manufacture since the last couple of years and despite the high price it has managed to sweep the market through its devices. Many others have been trying to make a mark of their own by offering more features at a comparatively lower price as that of Apple. OnePlus is one such company which has managed to reach a level where in terms of features, the phone could be compared with an iPhone!


Screen size and resolution: The OnePlus X is a 5 inch while the iPhone 6s has a display size of 4.70 (5.5 inch for 6S plus) inch with a resolution of 1080*1920 pixels and 750*1334 pixels respectively.

Both the phones get a point each!

RAM: Well, OnePlus X has a RAM of 3GB while the iPhone 6S has a RAM of 2GB.

Still planning to go with the iPhone 6s? We have more on our list! OnePlus X gets the point!

Camera: Too important, isn’t it? OnePlus X has a 13 MP primary camera and 8 MP secondary cameras while the 6S has 12 MP primary and 5 MP secondary camera.

Now you must be quite amazed wondering that the iPhone has always been the greatest of all when clicking pictures has been taken into consideration. Well, OnePlus gets the point again.

Battery: OnePlus X has a battery of 2525 mAh and the iPhone has a battery of 1715 mAh.

Planning to finally drop the idea of iPhone? OnePlus X gets the point again!


Price: OnePlus X comes in two variants, namely onic which is priced at INR 17,000 and ceramic which is priced at INR 21,000. iPhone 6S also has two variants where the 6 has a screen size of 4.7 inch and is priced at INR 62,000 while the Plus has a 5.5 inch screen and priced at INR 82,000. The price also varies when different colours and storage capacities are opted for!

Here, I would give the point to iPhone as the colour variants, storages capacities and the entire overall aspect of it needs such a price. Not to forget the brand name it has in the market.



Theoretically, the OnePlus X is a clear winner as almost all the features do overpower that of the iPhone. However, keeping into mind the market value of Apple and for that matter the quality and commitment that Apple has to offer is appreciable and hence has made iPhone 6s to be a clear winner.

After having known all about the features, many might have changed their views. I am sure many of you might now change your future plan of an iPhone transform into that of a OnePlus X or may be a successor yet to hit the market. However, the case might as well be the opposite for many! Happy choosing for all those who still don’t know! 😉


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