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Why Everyone Should Have One Gujju Friend In Their Life? They Are Life Savers!

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We all have friends. Some of them are your just friends, some are good friends and some are best friends. There are friends and then there are Gujarati friends. If you’ll have at least one Gujarati friend, you will know what I am talking about. For those who don’t, who should definitely read this article and then go and look for a friend who is Gujarati. They are the best friends that anyone could ever get. From yummy food to some really amazing business tips, these guys are your go to people for everything.

Still thinking what’s so special about them? I’ll tell you why you should have at least one Gujju friend.

1. When you are with them, you will never go hungry!

If money is their first love, food is their second love! Because, Khavanu, pivanu ane majja me revanu, is the motto of their life.


2. They will get some really awesome veg food.

If you are someone who is not a fan of veg, wait till you get a gujju friend! They will get you some really amazing gujju dishes like Undhyu, Handwa, Patra and more.


3. They surely know how to save money!

They can be your financial analyst if need be! If you do any random shopping, their reaction is “haye haye, aatlo kharcho!” And to save you from so much Kharcho, they will make sure that you have all the money saving apps in your phone.


4. Need Sensex tips? He is definitely your go-to person.

These guys just know everything about the share market! It’s like they have done some PhD in that field.



5. They are the best teachers when it comes to learning garba

There comes one time in a year where they become the best dancers and the best dance teachers! Of course I am talking about Navratri. And yes, you will get the passes to the best Garba nights! Ae halooo!!


6. You will learn a new and improved English language

They will col you for snakes, sit in the hole of their house and talk about low, fason and carrier while eating meggi and pijja.


7. Their family is so wide spread, that you will always have someone in any city, country or continent you go to

So the next time you shift to a new place, you need not worry about being alone. Your friend’s kaka nu nano dikro will be waiting for you!


8. They are born businessmen! Business is in their blood.

These guys don’t believe in doing a job. They believe in being the boss. Bujiness to karvanu bhai! Emaaj faydo che. And they will teach you all the aspects of doing a business. Just for your benefit you know.

Anil Ambani, chairman of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, speaks during a news conference in Mumbai January 16, 2011. Ambani said on Sunday neither he nor his Reliance Infra and Reliance Natural Resources units had any current plans to buy companies but added they could do so through an open offer if needed. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui (INDIA - Tags: BUSINESS) - RTXWMLZ

9. To bargain is their birthright! They will bargain and they will teach you how to bargain!

If you go for shopping with them, you will definitely save a lot of money! They will bargain and bargain really hard! And yes, you will get a lot of tips.


10. Doesn’t matter where you are travelling, they will always get yummy theplas

Any travelling plan with them is incomplete without theplas and khakras. They will always take up the responsibility of getting food. Tame enjoy karo ne.

10.Doesn’t-matter-where-you-are-travelling-they-will-always-get-yummy-theplasSource: FireFly Daily


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