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Top tourist spots to pay a visit this festive season

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Since the festive season is knocking hard on our doors, we know that it’s finally that time of the year when we need to jot down a plan and leave for that long awaited vacation. We sit down and work throughout the year with rigid routines that leave us exhausted. Taking a vacation is mandatory for everyone and what better time could it be other than this season? It’s the winter season and two of the biggest celebrations are just around the corner. If you’re confused as to which place should you pick this year for that small little holiday, wipe off the sweat because we, here, have got you a mesmerizing list of the top tourist spots in India.

Here’s a list of all the places you can and should visit with your family and friends or just solo:


  • Pangong Lake, Ladakh: This place could only be described in one word; ethereal. As the picture suggests, the Pangong Lake is located in Ladakh. Visiting this place comes with just endless perks! You will be able to find your peace of mind and serenity will envelope you before you know it. With the impeccable water flowing around you and the cotton candy clouds above, you can only question its reality.


  • Rishikesh: If you’re the adventurous kind, believe me you, there is no place that can top Rishikesh for you. From river rafting to the 3000ft deep free fall, this place will push all the right buttons for you. The mystical waters of the Ganges will fill your soul and make you feel overwhelmed. You can also set up camp in Rishikesh and capture the breathtaking views in your eyes and your cameras, of course.


  • Andaman Islands: Out of all the other things, being on an Island and just away from the rest of the world makes me feel excited. If you appreciate the aquatic life and if the waters excite you, this is your place to be. The waters of this charming island have hypnotic wonders and hold a bag of surprises for you. From sunken ships to a variety of fishes, you would have never even heard of, Andaman Islands and its pristine beaches have varied offerings for everyone.


  • Manali, Himachal Pradesh: Adventure sports has been attracting popularity like a magnet from the last few years. Manali is another place for the explorers and adventure lovers to pay heed to. This beautiful place has much to offer and lets your imagination take flight and take you places. You will be mesmerized by the spectacular views of the Solang Valley and wouldn’t want to ever connect back with the world.


  • Rann of Kutch, Gujarat: Being one of the most remote places in India, this place will grant you tranquility that you have never experienced ever before. Rann of Kutch is the largest salt desert in the world and after that, it is absolute nothingness. With not much to do is, all this place guarantees you is serenity and peace of mind. Rann of Kutch is seclusion and isolation at its best.



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