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These 11 Dogs Have A Very Special Diwali Message For Everyone But Will You Care To Listen?

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Its celebration time and we all are gearing up for Diwali. The festival brings with itself lights, new clothes, distribution of sweets and bursting crackers. But, have you ever put a thought on how much trauma the noise of these fireworks and crackers causes to your pets at home and animals on the streets? Yes, scares them , cause anxiety and irritate them. After all animals have feelings and they are sensitive to loud sounds too. Animal experts have even compared Diwali noise to that of a ‘terrorist attack’ for dogs, who are at the receiving end on the celebration day. The Hippieque brings us some pet dogs who are trying to say what they feel as we celebrate Diwali, only their way of communication is a bit different!

#1 Let’s give him a chance.


#2 Imagine, if the nuclear explosion occurs – what would be its impact on us?
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#3 What would you do if you hear too much noise but are unable to shut your ears?

#4 This would happen if we find smoke everywhere!
4_1447132459_725x725#5 Yes, after Diwali it might be a normal day for you. But not for them!
#6 It’s time to take care of those who care for you all the time!
#7 Celebrating Diwali makes us happy, but what about these mute souls?
#8 So, this Diwali, let’s take a pledge to say no to crackers and promote peace!
#9 Let there be love!
This Diwali, let there be love with peace!

Source: India Times


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