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Tech-Attractions: Categorizing Tech Lovers

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Tech, tehcie, Technology, Techfest, … these are few words that we here so frequently nowadays. Words associated with tech have come to define the era that we are living in, the era of technology. Right from the toddlers to senior citizens, we see people either fiddling with or seriously engrossed in their tablets, phones or devices. There used to be a simpler time when the living room, barindah, nukkad or kattas defined the point of socializing. But now the social networking websites or apps are increasingly becoming more poopular.

Its unlikely that anyone in urban cities would be cut off from technology. There may be some who abstain from it, while there may be some who are obssessed with it. Some may be dependent on it while some may have varying degrees of affair with it. Its funny to witness how so many people when interviewed explain their affair with technology and how it impacts their lives. Based upon some conversations and personal experience, I have attempted to narrow down and categorize the tech lovers into few categories. I would like to state that none of them are in any way good or bad. Its just based upon varying degrees of love and the type of association with technology. So here it goes:

  1. Tech-curious: These are the people we see lingering at the tech showrooms and interacting with various gadgets. Some rarely buy any while some have obsession towards purchasing them. We can often see some of them discussing about upcoming or recently introduced phones or gadgets in families, functions or with friends. For some, the affair continues while for some, it ceases at one point. Hence, we define such relationship as – Infatuated with technology.Members of WINNER checking out the latest Samsung devices
  2. Techenthusiasts: These are the people who are relatively more seriously interested in
    knowing about gadgets. They often religiously log into the tech section of news apps and spend a great deal of time there. Their affair may also be for a limited time or could sustain forever. To sum up, Dating the technology.lappy-babes
  3. Techies: This forms the group of some serious people who are committed to certain technologies and to whom technology and gadgets forms the very spine of their existence. They are the ones who use technology continually in various aspects of life like socializing, fitness, communication , learning etc. They genuinely believe in it. So, some or other way, these people find out a way to bind the various facets of their existence with technology. Hence, Friends of technology.mobilexpsmall
  4. Techartists: Now these are somewhat rare to find. But then these people prefer solitude. You may spot them in cafes or malls in complete solitude. Fundamentally, these people are dedicated to some form of art like writing, painting, film making etc. And they use tech gadgets actively as a means to give shape to their art pieces. In three words, Committed to technology.111034686
  5. Techdevelopers: While techies could be anyone and they may not necessarily have real career in tech field. But techdevelopers are the ones who do work in the field of technology. Now techdevelopers are essentially those who contribute to the development of technology. It may be in the form of developing some application, providing some associated service. In conclusion, Married to technology.META COOKIE PLUS, THE HEADSET THAT TRANSFORMS A SIMPLE TREAT INTO SOMETHING MORE INDULGENT PLAYING ON YOUR SENSE OF SMELL. **MANDATORY CREDIT LONDON MEDIA** ©London Media Press Ltd 11a Printing House Yard London E2 7PR 0207 613 2548 *** Local Caption *** ALL MATERIAL MUST BE CREDITED "LONDON MEDIA". 100% SURCHARGE IF NOT CREDITED
  6. Texperts: These are the rare genius class of people who are responsible in creation of major innovations, cutting edge science applications, theories, gadgets and such significant innovations of technology. What’s their relation? Fathers of Technology.maxresdefault

So, which tech lover are you? …


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