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Summer planning for tweens and teens


Although most tweens and teens look forward to summer break, many of them grow bored by the second week of vacation. And sadly, many bored kids spend their summer vacations staring at their gadgets or television sets.

With a little help from you, however, your tween and teen can make this summer the best vacation ever. Here are the best summer activities for teens that will keep your child happy, fit, and healthy.

Summer classes

Whether it’s a class in Calligraphy, Swimming lessons or learning their favorite dance moves, summer classes with open the child’s mind to a new hobby and fresh skills. There are many such classes available in your local vicinity and sometimes even schools host such classes in summer. So enroll your tweens and teens in their favorite hobby class this summer!


 Summer Camps

Summer camps provide a great opportunity to children to indulge in fun activities, go on adventures, make new friends and learn about things that are not in textbooks. At adventure camps, they learn to be one with nature, climb mountains and run with the wind. Or, at city-centric camps, they learn various skills such as cooking, crafts, art, communications, design, etc., that are essential for developing well-rounded personalities. There are many formal organizations which host summer camps for tweens and teens to promote their overall development.


Volunteer work

Encourage your teens to build their “resume” and gain practical work experience through volunteering. Many organizations offer internships for high school students, and many NGOs are in need of student volunteers to help them manage an event. Volunteering keeps your teen or tween busy while giving them a sense of purpose and self-confidence that can only be found in volunteer service. Animal shelters, hospitals, libraries, NGOs, Old Age homes –the possibilities are endless.

Encourage your child to read

Enroll your kid to the local library and challenge your teen to read a new book each week. Encourage him to explore new genres or to start a book club with friends. Reading can help keep your teen’s brain active and it can turn him into a lifelong learner.



 Get them creative

Artwork can be as simple as a collage made from old magazines or can involve complex crafts like sewing a new outfit or glass painting. Encourage your teen to write songs, draw pictures, and create poetry or any other creative flew they are interested in. This will give them time to explore their creative side which will stay with them forever.

So don’t let this holidays be another boring summer. Enroll your kids into a fun class and give them all the support they need to discover their creativity. Happy summer!



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