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Navratri Special: Hidden Talents of India

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There is no limit to talent, especially in a country like India! We came across a person by the name of Dushyant Soni who is a PRO when its comes to Garba!

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Dushyant Soni’s Achievements
Dushyant Soni is playing garba since 1990. He is a winner of all Mumbai mega garba competition (1996) and winner of Singapore tour & London tour in Sanklap & Falguni Pathak’s Navrartri. Also, three times winner of Mid-Day competition and won motor bike (2 times) at Milan Singh’s Navratri in 1997 & 1999.

Apart from his achievements he has also judged many garba competitions like NM college’s Golden Jubliee year (2014), Musa Bhai’s Navratri (2014), Osman Mir & Bhumi Trivedi’s Navrartri (2014) and Inter school dance competition of Rotry club.

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Nowadays, he is teaching garba for free of cost and if you wish to get in touch with him you can contact him at 09224449821.

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