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Must have Apps on your Smart Phone

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Wondering what could be the best of applications for your Smartphone? Here are some of them you should definitely have a look at. From social apps to food ones, make sure you at least try them out for once!


If you are quite bored with the regular Whatsapp and Facebook applications, switch to periscope. With this app you can go simply live and your friends and followers shall be well notified. Even for those times when you don’t wish to be the one going live you can at least check out what others have got on board.


Source: www.greaopen.com

  • You can REPLAY!
  • Choose who you want to broadcast the stream with by going PRIVATE!
  • You can as well share these on TWITTER!
  • Based on the twitter network, you shall get suggestions to MANGAE THE NOTIFICATIONs!
  • HEARTS allows you to simply appreciate the broadcast!

Temple Run 2

No matter how old this game gets it seems to actually get better with time! It continues to be one of the favourites of all the Smartphone users out there.

The intriguing graphics and addition of obstacles, power ups, achievements keep up with the spirit of the game. Not to forget, the game has got bigger and so has the monkey!


Source: www.softonic.com


This is the kind of photo application which will provide to you a range of tools available at your discretion. You simply begin editing the photos and as well come up with your own filters which in turn get linked to your Instagram. So there’s a lot in store with this tiny app, isn’t it?


Source: www.photoappsexpert.com


If only we could have as many books as we do on the Kindle! Well, never mind. If not psychically you can at least enjoy the best of books on kindle while your travel or for all the times you wish to read.


Source: www.googleplay.com

  • Shop the books you want to buy
  • Make use of Google, Wiki and the built in dictionary
  • Customizing options available along with easy browsing!
  • Read like never before!


With a total of 100 million downloads and counting, the application is one of the best music identifying apps of all time.


Source: www.googleplay.com

  • Discover music from the artists you have Shazamed earlier
  • Follow your favourite artists and be up to date
  • Enjoy the lyrics of songs as well as YouTube videos
  • Share songs with friends and social networks

All Recipes


Source: www.generalplay.com

Though nothing very flowery and out of the world, it turns out to be one heck of an application while you try to cook something up. The search procedure makes it the ultimate choice for a food app and the dinner spinner shall prove to be a saviour when you have no clue what to eat!

You are now all set to probably have a bunch of best applications your Smartphone ever needs!


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