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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. Have an emergency kit ready

Nothing is much worse than being stuck in a zombie Apocalypse. The list of the following things in your kit are


-Food (non perishable0


-Hygiene(soap, towel,hand sanitizers)

-Utility supplies including battries, knifes, torches and matchsticks

-Cell Phones

-Weapons ( Rifles , shotguns, base ball bat )

– Map of cityzombie-Emergency-kit-Gen-4-882x1024


  1. Device a plan

Make sure you have searched a safe place and the shortest and easiest route to reach there. Make a list of emergency contacts. Car tank should be fully filled.Device a plan


  1. Make the house zombie proof

Just escaping is not an option , you need a safe house to stay. You need to modify your house to make it zombie proof. Barricade the house by some heavy and large objects, close the doors and windows by using furniture or any heavy object.Zombie-Proof-House-1


  1. Get physical

There are chance you have to face some zombies, you have to b fit enough to run. Getting in some cardio and strength training workouts will help you to do that.Get physical


  1. Aim at the brain

If you face any zombie, whatever ever weapon you have just aim at the brain.Aim at the brain


  1. In case of infestation

If  any member gets infected , you have to kill him and if you get infected be ready for the same favour.In case of infestation


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