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How to Keep Yourself Warm this Winter



The most effective way to keep you warm is by increasing your body temperature through working out. Doing some simple exercises by yourself everyday in the morning warms you up and keeps you fit too.

Warm drinks


 Warm drinks like tea, coffee, yummy hot chocolates or even soups are a better option to opt during winter. Avoid cold drinks which decrease your body temperature.

Turn on your fan

 A little confused? Well this actually helps. All the heat of the room tends to gather up to the ceiling. By turning on the ceiling fan on the lowest speed, helps heat to spread around the room. Hence, keeping you warm.

Wear layers of clothing


I’m sure like me most of us like to follow fashion trends from around the globe. But layering is such a trend that is difficult for Indian humid/ warm weather. Winter is the only season where you can flaunt your amazing jackets and layering skills, plus keep yourself warm and fashionable at the same time.

Layer your blankets

 Who doesn’t love to just curl up in a cozy blanket and stay in bed during winter? That is the best part of winter. Layer your blankets with warmer, denser blankets on the top to avoid getting cold on those extreme winter nights.


So those were some tips to be warmer this winter. Hope you liked it. Enjoy the cold season. Happy Winter guys.



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