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‘Bhai Dooj’ (Bhai Phota) 2015: Date, timing and gift ideas for brothers and sisters

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The festival of Diwali is followed by “Bhai Dooj” (Bhai Duj) and this year it will be celebrated on 13 November across India. A festival for siblings, “Bhai Dooj” is celebrated in different parts of India and Nepal and is referred to with different names.

While, it is mostly known by the name “Bhai Dooj”, the same festival is called “Bhai Phota” among Bengalis, “Bhau Beej” among Gujaratis and Marathis, and “Bhai Tika” in Nepal.

Much like “Raksha Bandhan”, “Bhai Dooj” is marked by a ritual wherein sisters apply “tika” on the forehead of their brothers, praying for their long lives, and brothers in turn promise to protect them forever. The ritual also includes sisters making favourite food items for the brothers and exchange of gifts.

Although, siblings many a time observe the ritual as per their convenience, there is always certain auspicious time brackets (according to Hindu astronomical almanac, called Panjika) within which the ritual is ideally observed.

According to the 2015 Panjika, the date of “Bhai Phota” 2015 is 13 November and the different time brackets are 6.44 am to 7.27 am, 9.36 am to 11.45 am, 2.37 pm to 3.20 pm, 4.51 pm to 5.39 pm, 9.11 pm to 11.50 pm.

Although, the festival of “Bhai Dooj” has different names among different communities, one common aspect is that it is always marked by exchange of gifts. Below is a list of budgeted gift ideas that you can try to bring a smile on the face of your brothers or sisters.

Gifts for brothers:

1) Wrist watch: Most boys are fond of wrist watches. Some like sporty watches while, some others prefer sober ones. Gifting a wrist watch, as per his preference, will certainly bring a wide smile on your brother’s face.

2) Gadgets: Electronic Gadgets are something that always fascinates boys and there is wide range of such stuffs (click here to see different types of gadgets that can get into your gift list).

3) CLOTHES : Although, it is assumed that boys do not shop too often, they don’t mind getting some apparel that will fit well in their wardrobe.

4) Wallet or a pair of shoes: These are something very useful in a boy’s day to day life and he will surely remember his sister every day if she gifts him some branded shoes or wallet.

5) Gift voucher: Giving him a gift voucher is the safest thing to do as that will allow him to buy something of his own choice.

Gifts for sisters:

1) Cosmetics: Girls and cosmetics are mostly inseparable. Although, you as a brother might nag her several times for her never-ending make-up, gifting her a set of branded cosmetics will make you the best brother in the universe.

2) Chocolates: Although, it sounds quite common to gift her a box of chocolates, it is never too much for a girl. Moreover, you can make your gift even more special by ordering some customised chocolates.

3) Smart phone: A girl might not be too inclined towards gadgets but a smart-phone is always an exception. Try it and you will see a wide smile on her face.

4) Clothes: Yes, this is the most tried and tested gift one can ever think of for a girl. Adding more stuff to your sister’s wardrobe will double her prayers for you.

5) Gift vouchers: Again, if none of the above gift ideas go well with your sister, gift vouchers will help her do her favourite thing, that is shopping.

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