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8 Ways to Wish Happy Birthday in a Unique Way

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When you have to wish your special ones and close members of the family, just a gift with a happy birthday message isn’t enough! Irrespective of age, birthdays are one such day when everyone wishes to be pampered and cared for. If you have been in search of some unique ways to wish them on their birthdays, here are some 8 of them!

  1. The midnight party


Though quite common, you can add a sense of personal touch to such events. Celebrating birthdays as soon as the clock strikes 12 is one of the most traditional and yet unique way. You could as well come up for an all guys or all girls slumber party!

  1. Light their night with jars

light jars

You could probably put those neon colours in the jars and put a message from someone close to the person into each of them all over their room! Once the clock strikes 12 place them perfectly and if asleep wake them up or wait until they enter their room! It would be a treat for them to experience the entire setting!

  1. Beach party!

hbd sea

A beach party where you make some texts on sand with shells and other objects or set up a small shack for yourselves would make their birthday night just amazingly special!

  1. Music lovers!


For all the music lovers, form some funny or adorable songs out of the already existing ones and sing it aloud. They would surely smile and or laugh and be more than just overwhelmed to experience that!

  1. For co-workers!

office party

Reach your workplace early and decorate their desk and/or cabin with some personalised gift items with their pictures along with yours or some gifts and hangings near their work station!

  1. For your someone special!


Put some clothes you bought for them into their wardrobe without their notice and attach some messages into the same! You could as well arrange them day wise with one for each day of their birthday week!

  1. For book lovers!


Buy them their favourite authors books and add some cards along with bookmarks before the start of every chapter or randomly! They would be more than overwhelmed to have all of it to themselves!

  1. For the distance!


You could shoot a video of all the special ones around you and make a short film out of it. You could as well compose a video of pictures and all the memories you have with them and others and email it to them! Seeing memories flash on the screen or watching them live with all the distance in between is indeed a perfect idea for all!

Now that was about the 8 ways of wishing someone happy birthday and making them feel special in all the right way. Next time you are wondering about what to do for them on their birthdays, you know where to stop by!



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