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7 Things Only A True Insomniac Will Understand

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Sleeping late? Oh that’s just your thing! When the whole world sleeps, you are awake like you have the whole night ahead of you. Unlike the ordinary people, your sleeping time differs very evidently and you are just cool with it, oh yes you are extraordinary for the things you do staying up at night! For all you insomniacs and their friends who wonder what they do all night, this one goes out.

1.) Instagram/Facebook scrolling in your bed is your favourite pass-time at night.
You stalk your friends, your friends of friends and your friends of friends of friends. Nothing surprising!

2.) You are an extremely thoughtful person at night. Literally!
You think of what has happened, what is actually happening and what could possibly happen. You are thoughtful and want to know more about things.

3.) You believe the night is the perfect time to reflect on yourself.
Yes, you are passionate about certain things. And self-reflection comes best during the night.

4.) You put your thoughts into words and update your diary about captivating moments only in the night.

Late nights are just for you to think, analyse and write write write, and there you go, you just let all of it out.

5.) On days when your brain completely refuses to sleep, music is your savior.
557af48addbce12062015150234Music soothes you, it is the ultimate key to changing your bad mood to a good mood and meditate on a whole new level.

6.) Food hunting at 2 am is mandatory!

It’s been 5 to 6 hours since dinner, who wouldn’t be hungry? Food ls love. Food for soul. All you can think is filling your stomach and then sleeping like a baby.

7.) You spend half of the night on a “Series Marathon”.
You just can’t stop watching your favourite series. Everytime one episode ends, you can’t help but start another one.

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