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7 Ridiculous Things India Banned In 2015

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Indian government banned a lot of things this year, we don’t know if it was a good decision or a bad one but is has nowadays become a fashionable thing, Ban it ! is the new word our government has learned. Here is a list of things that got banned in 2015 by indian government which we think are weird. This is just our opinion, do let us know what you guys think by commenting below

1) Beef

Under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (amendment) Act (MAPA), 1995 , The Maharashtra Government banned the sale and possession of beef in the state. There was already a ban on slaughtering of cow, the Maharashtra government has has take one more step by putting a ban on slaughtering of calves, bulls and bullocks and the biggest news was that whoever found guilty will get a 5-year imprisonment. People spoke a lot about this and twitter was flooded with tweets about this issue.

2) Porn
porn-ban-in-indiaWell Indian government blocked around 857 porn websites but it din’t last long as India is a free country and people are free to do what they want to.

3) A list of cuss words

The above list of words were banned by chief of the Indian Censor Board but it did not happen, thanks to the majority of members who voted against it.

4) India’s Daughter Documentary Banned In India
56A documentary on the Nirbhaya rape case was directed by Leslee Udwin a british filmmaker was made as a part of BBC’s ongoing Storyville series and it was banned in India. NDTV posted a flickering lamp on a black screen to protest against the ban.

5) The release of Fifty Shades Of Grey was banned in India


Well this was a very harsh step taken by the government of india, we all know that most of the youth has seen them movie online.

6) Sex toys banned in India

A lawyer found lubricants and massagers/vibrators being sold on SNAPDEAL.COM and that lawyer took Snapdeal to court. Yes selling of sex toys in india is illegal.

7) MAGGI was banned in India
maggie-banned-in-indiaThe love of everyone’s life MAGGI was banned in India, it is back now and all is well with the company now and people are enjoying the 2 minute maggie noodle.

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