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7 Most Expensive Gadgets

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Gadgets are always these fascinating items which always manage to keep us hooked up to them for long period of time. Some are for just entertainment while others of use. However, there are also gadgets at prices you could never imagine!

  1. AeroSystem One iPhone Dock/Speaker (about $1,115)
Credits: www.businessinsider.in

No body invests so much money into a Smartphone s they would have to into an accessory for the same. However, this invention by Jarre is one gadget which will surely be worth all that money for its sleek design. This sound system will fascinate your ear buds in every way and will surely boast of the research done by Jarre and his team.

  1. Vertu Signature Touch ($18,000-$20,000)
Credits: www.businessinsider.in
Credits: www.businessinsider.in

Well, the high price coupled with the handmade models that Vertu comes up with is indeed a treat to those gadget thirsty hands. The casing for these phone comprises of natural grain alligator leather and titanium alloy (grade five). Vertu claims it to be 2.5x stronger than stainless steel as well and despite that it is light enough. The display boasts a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

  1. Leica 0-Series: $2.79 million

Well, moving on from the world of vintage computers, here is the. Leica’s 0-Series camera, the price of which might be amusing and flabbergasting but obviously worth its value. This was one of those 25 cameras that were produced by the company in 1923 to basically test the market . This is the most expensive camera ever!

Source: www.popularmechanics.com
Source: www.popularmechanics.com


  1. Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure loudspeakers — $4.7 million
Credits: www. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

These are the most expensive pair of speakers you will ever come across. They were made in 2012 and have been priced for a whooping sum of $ 4.7 million. Made of 18-carat gold

, they are one of its kind. Five sets of speakers of silver were also made priced at $315,000 and the bronze were of $63,000 with limited stock of 99 pairs.

  1. Optimus Maxiumus Keyboard ($1,500)
Credits: www.popularmechanics.com
Credits: www.popularmechanics.com

The Optimus Maximus keyboard is sold for a price of $1,500 and was launched some 6 years ago. The keyboard has keys which can be programmed which means you can assign the function to each of the key on your keyboard.

  1. Crystal iPhone Docking Station



Well, towards the end of our list, here is one of the most expensive gadget, the crystal dock for an iPhone. This is a docking station which helps in syncing data and of course charge the phone easily. It is a $500, would you pay the price for it? Well, many might!

7. Stax SR-009 Earspeaker ($5,250)

Credits: www.popularmechanics.com
Credits: www.popularmechanics.com

They look nothing different from the regular headphones, don’t they? But well, you can gauge from the price that it has to be something really special. They support a frequency range from 5 – 42,000 Hertz. Surely you will fall in love with the sound they create!

Wondering when could you every buy one of these? Well, all the best with that! 😀



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