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6 Reasons Why You Should Rekindle Friendship with Your Ex

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Want a foolproof idea to avoid awkwardly bumping into your ex? Why not try being friends again? There are some things that shouldn’t be wasted and one of those things is friendship. No matter how bad things ended between you and an old flame, some things are still worth saving even for the sake of being just friends. It’s not doing you any good in the “moving on” department either. So cut yourself some slack and give in to these reasons on why you should rekindle your friendship with your ex!

1  It’s been way too long.

Girl, seriously! If it’s been years since the breakup, then it’s definitely time for you and your ex to be friends again. All the more if you and your ex can laugh about what happened in the past.

2  You’re getting tired of trying to avoid him.

Eventually, you’ll feel pathetic avoiding his favorite restaurant just to avoid bumping into him. You’re going to have to stop thinking that your encounters are always gonna end up being awkward because it really doesn’t have to be that way if you just loosen up a bit.

3  You’re totally fine with him dating other people now.

You see him post pictures of him and another girl on social media, and it doesn’t sting anymore. In fact, you’re happy for him! That’s a huge sign that you too should make up and be friends again, especially if he feels the same way.

4  You miss him, but only as a friend.

He may not be the best boyfriend back then, but he was basically your bestfriend too. Sure you guys aren’t together anymore, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a blast to be with.

5  You respect him.

He’s not your boyfriend anymore but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost respect for him. He’s still a guy that you once loved after all. That’s already enough reason for you to be buddies again with your ex.

6  It’s time to be mature.

Being open to friendship with your ex is a sign of maturity. It means you’re ready to completely move on and start anew with your former beau. It’ll feel nice once you realize you’re completely free of negativity and hard feelings.

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