Be Attractive

1. Discuss Why You Broke Up

The fact that you guys broke up doesn’t always mean that you made mistakes; sometimes things aren’t meant to be. Just leave it at that and learn to let go. Do not point out the mistakes, let bygones be bygones and accept the apologies. If you are arguing during the discussion too, then the bitterness will grow further and things will get worse.


2. Help Each Other To Get Over The Residual Feelings

Relationships are hard work and thinking over and over again about the time and energy you spent to make it work will only make you feel like crap. So instead, just accept each other as good friends and respect the fact that you know each other well to bridge gaps and be a pillar of support in difficult times.


3. Give Each Other Space

Do not jump on the friendship bandwagon directly after the break-up. Give yourself some time and space to sort out your feelings and put important things in perspective. And, do not expect to fall back on the same shoulder again because as Shakespeare said, “Expectation is the root of all heartache”.

4. Complete The Post Break-Up Cycle

If you are just out of a relationship then mourn. This is the sweat pants stage. Mourn till you feel like crap and then mourn some more. And when you are finished mourning, then complete the break-up cycle by getting drunk and not doing any more stupid stuff over the break-up. There have to be no more drunk texts and phone calls to your ex.


5. Convince Yourself If You Want To Be Friends With Him/Her

Are you in a dilemma about being friends with your ex? If yes, then think about why you want to be friends with your ex before taking this big step. You don’t want to do it just for the sake of being in the same friend circle or because of taking the same classes in college.




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