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5 Relationship Advice You Must Never Take

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  1. Don’t be too available
    You should not wait for few hours to text him back.If you take time in replying back your crush understands your plan and takes more time in replying back leading to jus hi, hello , whatsup in 2 to 3 days.
  2. Look them up on Facebook
    Don’t justify them by just looking at their Facebook wall because the people who are not active on Facebook have much cool and amazing life, they just don’t have time to upload it on facebook.
  3. Wait for them to make the first move
    It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female anyone can make the first move .
  4. Not dating someone you aren’t attracted in the beginning
    When you first meet someone there are chances that your date can go in a bad manner, that doesn’t mean you will have a bad relationship with him. The next date could be much easier and overtime you can get much more comfortable with each other.
  5. Don’t show your emotions
    Its not good to keep your feeling and emotions with you, you should share it with your partner. Openness is an important part of a healthy relationship and you should do it to make your connections more and more strong.


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