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10 Bang On Signs That She Secretly Likes You

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Does she play with her hair while talking to you? Does she cutely call you an idiot? Do these and more signs remind you of someone? Then, you might be the only thing on her mind 24/7. Enjoy the attention while it lasts, boys!

Green Signal #1. She keeps twirling her hair while talking to you.


Though girls are always difficult to read, but this is a very easy sign to catch… Playing with one’s hair has always been sexy but if a girl likes a guy, they can’t help playing with their hair in-front of him.

Green Signal #2. This is a code which is particulary hard to crack and has no logical reason behind it, but if she calls you “An Idiot”, you are one hell of a lucky guy! **Idiot = I like you cutie**

So remember boys- Keeping a nickname is a good thing, but it being ‘An Idiot’ is a major sign.

Green Signal #3. She will pick up cute fights with you. *Those cute Nook-Jhooks actually means something*


From food fights to taking your funny pictures, she irritates you because she wants your attention!

Green Signal #4. From computer problems to purchasing a gift for her nephew, she will keep finding excuses to talk to you!

54de32198d04913022015171921Though she may be an expert in everything, she still may make excuses for little things just so that she can talk to you.

Green Signal #5. She will laugh her heart out even at your stupidest jokes!


Unless you are as good as Kapil Sharma, a girl laughing at your jokes might be because of more than the obvious reason!

Green Signal #6. She suddenly has interest in your work and tries to understand all those “Techi-Techi Things”!!


Suddenly she doesn’t find your job, boring and routine work.

Green Signal #7. Fight between her brain & heart results in her acting “Hard To Get” & “Always There For You” at the same time!


She starts playing hard to get but then her heart makes her do otherwise and she ends up acting nervous and weird around you!

Green Signal #8. She despises every girl you go out with, talk to or even look at!! *Bach k rehena re baba*


She gets upset when you hangout with other girls, her anger knows no limits when someone is flirting with you and her Jealousy reaches its highest level when she catches you looking at someone!! All this shows possessiveness which is the 1st sign of love, isn’t it??

Green Signal #9. She brings self-cooked food for you.


This a world famous gyaan that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so if she takes the pain to get up at 6 in the morning to cook your favourite gajar ka halwa… Well, need we say more?

Green Signal #10. Facebook Stalking- She keeps liking your posts, pictures from 4-5 years ago!


Well Facebook stalking is one of the major proofs that she likes you. So, the next time you see your 4-5 years back pictures being liked by a girl, don’t ignore it!

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