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Oily girl problems fixed!

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10 summer beauty tips for Oily Skin.

I have been through the whole ‘perspiring too much’ phase during high school and I know how annoying and embarrassing it can get. And the heat, even today, causing a lot of damage to my skin, so these are some tips and tricks that I’ve been doing since a couple of years and it has helped me so much.

So, let’s begin with,

  • Facial Mist/ Wet wipes 

During summer, our skin tends to get very oily, so carry around wet wipes or a facial mist can literally change your game. They’re small and easy to carry in your bag. you can just refresh your face within seconds plus it enhances natural glow.



Niconi Emulso‘ is by far the best Waterless face wash I’ve ever used, specially in India’s weather. They’ve got it for Women and Men, both!

  • Water/ Gel based Moisturiser 

Our skin gets very greasy and oily during summer and a water based moisturiser is a true necessity! Whoever said that moisturisers are only from dry skin, they are wrong! It improves the skin texture, protects the skin from pollution and also prevents your skin from clogged pores.


Source: Nykaa.com

Neutrogena’s got a perfect oil free moisturiser that helps with everything! The makes your skin appear radiant without making it look oily. Isn’t that just perfect?

  • Tinted Lip Balms/ Lip Stains

Wearing a thick base lipstick during summer isn’t such a appealing look. The heat melts your lipstick, giving your lips a dry feel. Rather, switch to tinted lip balms and lip strains that keep your lips hydrated and avoid the ugly looking melted lipstick on your lips. I’ve switched up to lip stains and I like them so much better!


Source: Amazon.in

Island Kiss Organic Lip Balm & Stain With Spf 15 is just the perfect product to fit this category. I am so sure that you will fall in love with this once you use it and there are high chances that you may switch to this, permanently.

  • Waterproof Concealer/ BB Creams

Having foundation on your face, in this heat can make your foundation look cakey and again, that’s not an appealing look. So, avoid using heavy foundation and switch to a tinted BB Cream instead. It’s light weight and feels like they’re absolutely nothing on your face. In case of spots, discolorations or really dark circles, you can use a good water proof concealer.

Blue Heaven Xpression Water proof Pan Cake is a really good concealer and my favourite bb cream for summer is Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream. This BB cream is so amazing that it covers blemishes and dark spots and it also comes in 3 different shades!

  • Sunscreen = MANDATORY! 

Sunscreen is a product that you shouldn’t skip at any cost! Not just in the summer but through out the year. I cannot stop emphasising on how important sunscreen is. It is so mandatory to use sunscreen with good spf. Spf 50, preferably.


source: Nykaa.com

Lotus has got a sunscreen that dries matte. How amazing is that? It’s their Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50. It glides on so smooth!

  • Drink Loads of Water! 

Just like you, your skin needs hydration, too. According to me, Water is so mandatory! In order to keep your face glowing throughout the say, you’ve got to drink minimum 1.5 litres per day.


source: google.com

  • Water proof mascara

Investing your money in a good water proof mascara can save you throughout the year! The heat can ruin your regular masacara making your under eyes really dark and it’ll just spoil your look as well as your day.


source: Nykaa.com

Maybelline’s Lash Sensation Mascara is literally my favourite mascara and I just cannot get over this. The bristles give my lashes a flourished and fuller look. And the fact that it is waterproof makes me love it even more.

  • Primer 

Use a primer before your foundation,etc. We all have oily eyelids, due to excess oil production on them, so before you apply your eye shadow, put some foundation or primer all over your eyelid to avoid the oiliness and the make it long lasting. If you don’t have a primer you can just make your application brush damp before applying your eyeshadow, this will make it last all day long.


Source: TheIndianSpot

This primer is one of my all time favourites. It makes your pores less visible and gives such a nice matte finish.

  • Wash your face/ Carry a sanitizer 

Facing your face is so essential due to excess oil build up and the harmful pollution and rays of the sun. washing your face will keep your face clean and will prevent any kind of acne or pimples. Always carry a sanitizer with you everywhere you go, because germs and present everywhere and you don’t want to be touching your face with those hands filled with germs, so always carry a sanitizer!


source: Nykaa.com

Lifebuoy Total Hand Sanitizer is a product that I have with me all the time. It keeps germs away and it’s small enough to fit perfectly in my handbag.

  • Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a secret weapon during summer. The oil build up by the second day is unmanageable. Well, that’s to dry shampoo. I don’t have to worry about washing my hair every single day. It instantly gets rid of oily scalps making your hair look and feel fresh.


source: Ebay

Batiste dry Shampoo is my go-to product. They’ve got a variety of options for you.

Hope you guys like it!



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