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Sweatshirts Your Closet Totally Needs This Winter

Sweatshirts Your Closet Totally Needs This Winter


Yes, well, the winter season is here. Let’s talk about the most obvious thing that comes to our minds when we say the word, “winters”. Looks like the entire world is in sync because everyone must have thought of COLD. Other than wanting to curl up inside the warm and fuzzy blankets that we own and gobble up some hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, we also need to pay a little heed to the needy condition of our wardrobes. Since it’s the chilly season, your half – sleeved shirts or tops are out and it’s time to get some cool and trending sweatshirts in.

The sales of sweatshirts picked up momentum only recently since companies started releasing them in some uber – cool designs and quirky colors. Today, we are going to help you make your wardrobe smile a little by providing a list of sweatshirts that will not only keep you warm but will also help you retain the style quotient this season.

  • Navy Printed Hooded Sweatshirt: This one is for all the people who love the cool colors. It is manufactured by the company Phosphorus. You can find this sweatshirt exclusively on Jabong. It is available in 2 other colors and almost all of the sizes possible. This piece of beauty can be paired with a casual pair of black/blue jeans and casual shoes. We would personally give it a ⅗ rating and you can find it here to add it up to cart.

  • Wine High Neck Sweat Jacket: The color of this sweatshirt does the work. It somehow is extremely compelling and makes you want to buy it as soon as you see it because really, not many sweatshirts are released in a wine color. Other than the spot on color, it also has spot on looks as it appears to be semi – formal and can be paired with formal trousers to work. This one deserves a special rating of 5/5 and you can grab it here.

  • Blue Printed Sweatshirt by Superdry: Another super casual sweatshirt for a random get together with friends or a walk with a loved one on a chilly evening. The best part about this sweatshirt is that it is currently being sold at a discount of 60% and considering the looks and comfort, it sounds like a pretty great deal. Combine it with a pair of sneakers and tattered jeans and you are set for a sporty evening. We would give this one a 3.5/5 and you can find ithere

Beast 68

  • Beast 68: As the name of this ultra – cool sweatshirt suggests, it gives a look of nothing less than a beast. The beautiful red color makes the first impact and then the casual and sporty look of it just hits the spot. Available in all sizes, you can make this hoodie yours in just 995. It is manufactured by Bewakoof.com and grabs a rating of ⅘ by us. You can find it here and make it yours.

Evil Grin (DKRL) (Sky Blue Melange)

  • Evil Grin: Well, being speechless in an understatement. If you’re a fan of the Batman series and the Joker managed to steal your heart just like ours then this sweatshirt is made for you. Available in cool blue, this sweatshirt can be clubbed with a pair of dark blue/black jeans and sneakers for a casual evening. It will not only provide you with flawless comfort but you’ll be leaving a great impression on people with that Evil Grin. It certainly deserves a 5/5 rating and you can get your piece here.


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