Yoga is generally considered by the average public to be a dull boring ancient form of meditation and exercise and that\’s why they turn towards the more attractive forms of exercises like Aerobics, Dance, Zumba etc to get fit.

But if you look into the scientific aspect of the classical yoga and if you add it to your daily fitness regime, it can reap excellent benefits, especially in terms of a fat loss program.

Let\’s see the scientific reasons for the same

1. It fulfills all the 4 criteria (i.e. Moderate to high intensity, long duration, continuously done, large muscle groups) for a cardiovascular exercise program, especially the Suryanamaskar, Hata Yoga, including Angamardana.

2. Any continuous exercise done more than 15 mins induces the \”Aerobic Lipolysis System\” in the body to be used for energy production. In the presence of oxygen it uses carbs (krebs cycle) initially and then the fat (beta oxidation) in the body.

3. The continuous tension in the muscle fibres during the stretching and holding of the postures may help burn more calories as well as improve the range of motion i.e. Flexibility of the joints and also improve muscle tone, while burning the fat.

4. Breathing is given utmost importance during yoga. There are different breathing patterns like Pranayama, Sukhakriya that helps to improve the lung capacity and the VO2-Max, i.e. Maximal oxygen consumption and utilization, with improved cardiovascular endurance i.e. stamina.

5. The constant muscular tension, deep breathing and stretching all done in tandem help burn the calories faster.

6. The simplicity of Yoga is such that it doesn\’t require any tools and can be done anywhere and everywhere by any person above 8yrs of age.

7. These are just a few basic scientific pointers, apart from which there are many other benefits of this wonderful ancient Indian Science which now the whole world has accepted in the form of the June 21 World Yoga Day.

Do it daily for excellent health. Add it to your daily regime if already you are doing some form of exercise like cardio and weight training and reap enhanced benefits.

Stretch and breathe to burn fat

Eat Healthy..Stay Healthy
Be Active …ProActive
Be Attractive


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