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Ways For An Effective Post-Workout Recovery


1) No sudden exertion with workouts: While most people try to push the boundaries during their workouts, one needs to be sure that they don’t just suddenly over train. The goal should be to do a workout that is just a bit more rigorous than your previous workout, and not a sudden burst of exertion.

2) Concentrate on pre-workout nutrition: The foods you eat play an important role in your post-workout recovery. Eat lean protein along with complex carbohydrates at least two hours before your workout.

3) Don’t skip stretching: Don’t miss out on your warm-ups before a workout. Also, give your body at least 20 minutes to cool down before you start your actual workout. This relieves muscular tension along with reducing cholesterol and significantly reversing hardening of the arteries, thus resulting in a quicker recovery.

4) Eat foods rich in potassium: After an intense workout, your body loses a lot of essential nutrients and minerals like potassium, calcium and sodium. Eating healthy sources of the mineral like bananas and mashed potatoes can boost your reserves and help with recovery. Another healthy option is sweet potatoes, as it helps to replenish your energy levels.

5) Take adequate rest-days: You can’t keep pushing your muscles through the week, with intense workouts. There is only enough of a beating and burning they will take before your body starts to show signs of fatigue, which is detrimental to the growth. Always remember to give adequate rest to your body. If you need to workout, indulge in light cardio exercises as they improve blood flow and ease out the soreness in muscles.

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