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Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Oh dear breakfast, how much you’re missed and skipped, every single day for months at a stretch! Let’s accept it. We all tend to skip breakfast most of the times and it is certainly very unhealthy. Are you tired of hearing about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, it’s not going to stop unless more of us start eating our morning meals. It is definitely healthy and important for every single human being.

Here are a few reasons why we should never skip breakfast :

The first and foremost reason of never even thinking of skipping breakfast is that it helps you reduce weight. As much as people think that reducing the intake of food might help us reduce that extra flab on our body, we’re absolutely wrong. Skipping meals does nothing but increase the acid reflux, thus giving us an incredible amount of gas. Rather than spending the day with such uneasiness, you can simply have breakfast like a king and guess what? It only makes you lose weight by reducing the chances of gas which in turn makes you appear super bloated.

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Another amazing reason to stuff your mouth with delicious breakfast every morning is that it increases your metabolism rate and you have the astonishing opportunity to eat whatever you want for breakfast since the first meal of the day gets digested by the body faster than you can imagine.

Skipping breakfast can certainly end up making you grumpy. Well, since you’ll be going without food for hours on end, you will indeed be hungry and acidic. Acidity, as mentioned earlier, will make you feel bloated up and hunger will give you an irritating headache. You are bound to be grumpy if all of that happens to you in the middle of your day. To avoid being uncomfortable during the day, you should keep a track of your breakfast habits and try to never skip it at all.

Breakfast not only helps you with simpler things like reducing weight but also is a big player in keeping bigger risks like heart diseases and diabetes away from you.  Studies found out that skipping breakfast results in hypertension, insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar levels. By skipping the most important meal of the day, you not only make yourself vulnerable to heart diseases but also hamper with your health in numerous other ways.

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Since most of us are on the go most of the time, we naturally don’t always get the chance to have a well – balanced diet. On the other hand, if we somehow manage the time to have a proper breakfast in the morning, our body automatically consumes most of the essential nutrients that we require. Studies have proven the fact that people who regularly consume proper breakfast every morning consume beneficial nutrients like calcium and fiber in larger quantities than those of us who don’t believe in the beneficial aspects of having breakfast.

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Do you seriously want more reasons to not to skip on that heavenly breakfast? It practically has no bad effects and also keeps us healthy and fit. Why are you still double minded? It’s time to take some time out for a proper King’s breakfast.



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