Since a Change in lifestyle is at the basis of management of disease just a few asanas of kriyas would not sufficient. A Many Pronged Approach is recommended in yoga which would include basic things like how one sits; how one stands, how one carries oneself, how one thinks, recreates and relates to others and to himself. Routines are said to be the building blocks of a day .Thus hereby routines are something which have to be incorporated or very juncture.

1)Get Up before Sunrise

2)Be Sure That Warm Clothing Is Warm

3)Do Sun Gazing,KapalBharti, Sun gazing

4)Be aware of change in temperature

5)Drink warm Water and do modified form of Vamandhauti

There are some pranayama Which You Can Do Daily:

1. Ujjai respiratory breathing,

2. Pechak Pranayam,

3. Anutom Vilom,

4. Kriya,

5. Kapalbharti,

6. Bhastrika


Sattvic diet :Avoid too much sweet and starchy foods as they are known to be mucus forming eat at regular intervals.Relaxation is as much as part of life.Correct Relaxation would include a certain attitude to life “a let go” or a witness like attitude. (PTD)


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